Yummyness in jars

Still haven’t found a convenient place to have a delicious green smoothie (or juice) in Berlin, so I am making them myself. While the city is still very grey, this ultra green boost lightens up my days.


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  1. Sandra on


    ok, I’ve been bombed with green smothie posts the last weeks and was shuddering with horror, thinking of drinking a smoothie that has spinach or basil. but if Stil in Berlin says so – and seeing the picture – I am actually reconsidering and vow to try one this weekend. Green Smoothie on!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Sandra, start slow with a smoothie of banana and apple and pear with just some spinach and work your way to the only green ones – have fun!

  2. creme berlin on


    Das kann ich nur bestätigen! Sooo lecker!

  3. Anna on


    We are big on green smoothies in Tempelhof! Do you have a vitamix at home? Have been waiting for someone to open a great juice place like Clover in LA…but in the meantime the Japanese coffee house Cocoro, on Mehringdamm, makes good fresh juice, especially the Carrot-Beets-Ginger one. Please post if you hear of a juice place opening up! And how about fresh kimbucha?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I will!

      Kombucha is not so much my taste, but cocoro sounds good, will give it a try asap

  4. anik on


    try some with pineapple, banana, some salad and spinach! maybe some honey… mmmh..

  5. Oliver on


    Fantastic smoothies, freshly made, all organic ingredients, at Markthalle IX, vegan feels good, Lilith the owner is very friendly and the place certainly worth checking out. Try also the fantastic Dalai Lama vegan burger, delicious!

  6. Hie-suk on


    There is one place in Kreuzberg selling green smoothies and raw organic whole foods. They habe delicious raw cake and lunch, too http://www.lebensfroh.org/

    1. Mary on

      Oh, will try that soon! thanks for the tip :)

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