Chocolate in Berlin: Bonvodou – closed –

Chocolate oh chocolate, many odes have been sung about the sweet seduction and this is another one about a certain kind of chocolate, produced by a chocolate expert in Berlin. Holger in’t Veld will be known to many who’ve been looking for high quality chocolate in Berlin in the past years. After closing his highly popular chocolate store in 2010, he’s now returned with a brand new chocolate called Bonvodou, that’s just too good to be true.

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When you start talking to Holger in’t Veld about chocolate, prepare yourself for a long talk going deep into technical details, but always centering on the sensual experience that is chocolate. This can and will only be an introductory post because I can’t wait for you to try this sweet treat. Hopefully I’ll manage soon to deliver a more in-depth interview with Holger, maybe even an insight into his manufactory. Until then let me tell you that this is the best in chocolate I’ve had in a long time.

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The intenseness of his chocolates, while being very pure, is incomparable and so very joyful. Bonvodou is currently sold at Coledampf’s and Co in Kreuzberg’s Aufbauhaus, while looking for a new and permanent store somewhere in Berlin.
In case you’re surprised about the high prices, let me tell you it’s worth it. These chocolates are so intense, you won’t need a lot of them to be completely satisfied.

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    You really should pay Winterfeldt-Schokoladen a visit, too.

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