Food in Berlin: GoAsia – Kantstraße

Berlin has a nice choice of Asian food stores, with some being better, some being worse. This one deep in the west of Kantstraße is outstanding, though. You even get the bubbles for your home-made bubble tea.

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Besides all the staples of an Asian food store, like a variety of soy sauces, and a humongous shelf filled with endless instant noodle packages, they feature the biggest variety of Kimchi and fresh Asian vegetables and herbs I’ve seen in Berlin so far. As well as a very good selection of everyday ceramics, a nice choice of rice from every Asian country and loads and loads of mochi flavors.

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The interior is not remarkably different from any other Asian food store, while the size of the store is certainly bigger than most. Which makes it possible to have rows and rows of freezers filled with Asian delicacies going way further than just Edamame or dumplings, offering something as common as Edamame as well as dozens of unknowns for the adventurous.

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One can spend a long time here, even if you’re life currently doesn’t leave time or space to cook at home, it serves as a perfect inspiration. And then there’s the Kimchi. I’ve been a fan ever since I encountered this wonderful spicy pickled cabbage and GoAsia* has the best selection. Because Kimchi can basically be chili pickled everything, radish or even water spinach.

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What makes it different from many other Asian stores it’s that it’s not as Thai centered but offering loads of Chinese goods like a big selection of noodles and dried goods, as well as Indonesian and Indian spices. Don’t miss out, when you’re around Kantstraße.

* The store is also known as Amazing Oriental, quite offensive but the name of the mother chain in the Netherlands.

Go Asia – Kantstraße

Go Asia – Kantstraße

Kantstraße 101

10627 Berlin Wilmersdorf

Wilmersdorfer Straße

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 09:00–21:00


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  1. Christoph Knappe on


    Ob es in Asien auch Europa-Läden gibt? Für Europa-Fans? Mit Käse hier und Bolognese da und Gulasch dort?

    Das hier ist jedenfalls eine schöne Empfehlung. Ich werde da hingehen. Denn ich bin Essen-Fan.


    1. PinguT on

      Gibt es! Zumindest in Japan. Das Hauptangebot sind Süßigkeiten und Kosmetik.

    2. Kerry on

      Wo genau? Asien ist riesig. In China, zu mindestens in Beijing und Shanghai gibt’s viel. City Shop, z.B.

  2. Charisma on


    Hi Mary,

    Once again, thanks for the tip! I’ve been frequenting the Vinh-Loi in Steglitz (and going to the smaller Asian shops in my neighborhood for quick fixes), but I guess I’m going to have to check this one out!

  3. Ayumi Sakaguchi on


    Oh my. Wish we had some asian food supermarket like that in Peru! We have tons of chinese goods but not so many korean, japanese, etc. goods. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Giulia Pines on


    I’ve been a big fan of this place for some time and I write in to deliver good news to those who (like me) live in the last untrendy Kiez of Moabit: they just opened a new branch right at Turmstrasse, in the “Ehemaliges Hertie Haus” that has been under construction for the past year. Now I (and other Moabiters like me) don’t have to go all the way to Wedding or Hackescher Markt…or yes, even all the way to this one at Kantstrasse :)

  5. chun on


    If you want to buy the bubble and Tea, please buy the Taiwan-produced!
    bubble tea is originally from Taiwan, always chose Taiwan-produced over China-produced, healthier and safer!

  6. Tinka on


    Been shopping there for years. Used to be an Aldi in there. They also have a good selection on veggie “meats”. The produce section is def much larger than in other Asian markets and you find things that you don´t get anywhere else. Life is good in the West :-)

  7. les on


    I’m not sure what the laws are in Germany in regards to food content labeling… But if possible, please try to obtain kimchi that does not contain the all-pervasive MSG (monosodium glutamate). In my opinion, nothing saps the taste of “freshness” (and yes, even for pickled foods) like that “flavor enhancer.” This is just a pet peeve…

  8. Alex on


    Thanks for posting this review, otherwise I don’t know if I would have found this place. I went there today, and they’ve got a whole bunch of hard to find thai ingredients (krachai, holy basil, thai eggplants…) that I’ve been trying to find in Berlin. So great!

  9. Teri heinz chan on


    Honestly, the vegetables r pretty more expensive than others asian supermarket. But good thing that they have better choice and quality of soy sauce, cooking wine and etc than all the other asian supermarket . The price is from low to pricy. But i prefer to pay more to have a better quality of soy sauce. Because it is very important to have better quality of soy sauce in the chinese kitchen. It is not any soy sauce will do! Usually all other asian supermarket are only offer cheap and low quality stuff ,example from mainland china or vietnam.

  10. Charisse on


    Nice! I was wondering, do you know any asian food stores in Berlin that offers bulk or package-free items?


  11. chiara on


    Stumbled upon this article and wanted to give a little bit of an update: “Go Asia” is no longer under the “Amazing Oriental” chain from the Netherlands. They are now an independent supermarket chain, although they still have to renovate/remove the “Amazing Oriental” logos and labels… Hopefully they can do that soon so people don’t get confused anymore!

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