Food in Berlin: Salut

Poppy seed strudel and the infamous Tahinischnitte.

My relationship with this bakery began in a time long past, back when I used to live in the area around Schlesisches Tor and would be on my way home from going out, some time between 4 and 7am on a Sunday morning. And Salut would always be open and always have my favorite Turkish pastry – Tahinischnitten. A flaky pastry filled with sesame paste, Tahini, that is to be eaten as fresh as possible.

And they’d also have, and wondrously so only in this early morning hours, a white yeast bread called Kastenweißbrot that is best to be toasted, buttered and then covered in honey for your Sunday breakfast. Other favorites include the giant apple cookie, the poppyseed strudel, basically anything with poppy seed since they add raisins which makes it very luscious, and then of course, in case you feel adventurous, the amazing tartlets and small cakes topped with loads of cream.

Salut is a staple in Kreuzberg bakeries, it’s been there all the time, open all the time, frequented by cab drivers, club kids, Turkish girls, expat artists and local students alike. Everything is made fresh, the bakery itself is as open as is the counter. I wouldn’t especially lead you to try the bread, but all the sweet stuff is divine – no-one should’ve been to Berlin and missed out on getting a bag full of fresh cookies (put together by your choice) at an unearthly hour.

Salut Backwaren

Salut Backwaren

Schlesische Straße 1

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Schlesisches Tor

Opening Hours:

always open


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    Still in Berlin is now basically only about food in Berlin. :)

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      Stil in Berlin is about food, art, fashion and everything happening in Berlin, basically. No plans on only focussing on food

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