Ice-cream in Berlin: Schuchmanns

Berlin’s vegan food scene is expanding, for sure, but if you ask me, it’s not even close to being satisfying. I still didn’t find a close-by joint for green smoothies in Mitte, the fine-vegan-dining scene is almost non-existent (with Lucky Leek and La Mano Verde being the only ones on my to-test-list). And most delis are serving fast food like vegan burritos or vegan burgers. Not exactly what I’m looking for.

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But, one more spot of vegan delicacies is filled now: there’s a vegan frozen yoghurt joint. Schuchmanns just recently opened and offers frozen yoghurt in normal and vegan variety, as well as some at least delicious looking cakes. Officially it’s not called vegan froyo, but soy ice-cream, rest assured, it’s exactly that and much more. Most froyo places in Berlin decided to serve the froyo literally topped with extras, placing chunky bits of cookies or fruit on top of it. Which thanks to my clumsiness, makes big parts of the topping in the end land on the floor instead of in my mouth.

stilinberlin schuchmanns-2

Schuchmanns features a giant machinery, that merges toppings and frozen yoghurt, creating a soft mix of whatever you choose. Pictured above are blackberry and walnuts on the right, and raspberries and mangos to the left. The latter was the more convincing combination since it actually managed to leave no trace of any soy-like taste, which still made its way through the blackberry-walnut mix, although I didn’t find it disturbing.

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The location of the café at Paul-Linke-Ufer includes a beautiful little garden with white furniture and of course the possibility to devour your treat in the sun by the canal. Service must still be called bumpy, though, but I’m confident they’ll manage to offer a smoother process as soon as everything found its place. I didn’t try any of the cakes, but hey, they certainly looked delicious.



Paul-Lincke-Ufer 22

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sun 12:00–21:00


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    This is so great! Thank you!

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    Das schaut fantastisch aus! Zauberhafte Bilder!

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