Food in Berlin: Goodies*

One of my favorite spots for a super healthy lunch is Goodies*, a vegetarian and vegan deli with by now four locations in Berlin. Its home base lies on Friedrichshain’s Warschauer Straße, while its outlets are housed in the stores of Veganz in Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain, as well as in the gigantic Globetrotter store in Steglitz.

The menu is vegetarian with a good share of vegan options (the branches at Veganz are completely vegan, of course) and I especially like their salads: lentils with red beets, apples and walnuts or soba noodles with peanut sauce. And then they have loads of yummy bagels, vegan and vegetarian, and many vegan sweet treats like strawberry almond tarte or semolina or rice pudding with fruits. Could be your next favorit vegan deli in Berlin and is certainly the best I found as of yet.

By the way, do you remember my lament over the lack of green smoothies in Berlin? Well, I wouldn’t call Goodies’ smoothies green smoothies, but smoothies that are green in color. What sounds like a ridiculous difference is actually important in the green smoothie religion, where it’s all about reducing the amount of fruit as much as possible. Their regular smoothies still have too much fruit and too few green vegetables. For instance, the Super Green Smoothie has spinach, apple and banana, and while this will make the smoothie very green, it’s not entirely what I am looking for. But it was no problem to ask for a switch of ingredients, making it possible to create your own super green smoothie (I switched the banana with avocado).
As you see, this is still not the perfect solution for those looking for super healthy green smoothies, but a very good start. And there’s hope they’ll adjust their menu when enough people request it. (Imagine a wild herbs smoothie on the regular menu!)



Warschauer Straße 69

10243 Berlin Friedrichshain

Frankfurter Tor

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 07:30–19:00
Sat–Sun 09:00–19:00


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  1. amalie on


    oh yumm, looks amazing!

  2. Irrum on


    This is exactly what I used to order when I stopped off at Goodies for Wifi, minus the banana avocado switch, plus a small expresso – if I felt a little tired..

  3. derek freeman on


    Just give up and move to America. You can get a green juice anywhere! No really, just give up on Europe!

  4. beautycalyptique on


    agreed on best vegan deli yet. since the german Café Gratitude opened in munich last winter, I’m totally considering relocating :D

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      sadly, the Munich Gratitude has nothing more in common with the Californian one than the name…

  5. Erik on


    Reducing the amount of fruit is not possible by adding avocado, as it is also a fruit… a green one but still a fruit.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      true, but still better for a green smoothie than a banana

  6. Salut Mediterranean Food on


    Looks really good indeed. Good inspiration for us. We might implement something similar…

  7. Sarah on


    I have fallen in love with this place on Warschauerstr. Being a Vegan from Australia this place beats what I’m used to at home, and the store has so much goodies (pun not intended) that its like heaven!

  8. Júlia on


    Omg, the smoothies are SO good there!

  9. Mark on


    Avocado is actually a nut – and delicious in smoothies!

  10. Sara on


    We also have Goodies in Zehlendorf on Breisgauerstrasse right off of the Schlachtensee Sbahn stop.

  11. Paris Bielby on


    I adore this place! Stumbled across it last summer and stumbled across it again last month- indulged in the Ginger Cooler & a Rhubarb Quinoa salad pot. Yum!

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