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I like when the name of a store tells everything about it: Located in the prettiest area of Kreuzberg, Graefekiez, lies this little store that only features süper (as in: awesome) items. From stork shaped scissors to Swiss Obstbrände (fruit schnaps), from jewelry by Saskia Diez to hammam towels, they present a lovely selection of products that are just very nice and good looking and still useful.

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Normally, I avoid stores screaming “gift shop” at all costs, no one needs gifts sold in those kinds of mostly pink stores, but I’d be very happy about every present acquired at Süper Store. Some say it’s the better, because smaller and thus more independent Manufactum, that by now big chain of stores basing their marketing on only selling products with “a history” (although, of course, I can not elude the charme of Manufactum’s classic dishtowels made from pure linnen from the Oberlausitz, reasonably priced at 15 euros a piece…).

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Süper Store’s pricing is equal to Manufactum’s, but the store has a big range offering something for every budget. It’s easy to spend a lot of time in there, carefully looking at each product and I was quickly convinced many of them would make my life more beautiful. Especially that one pure white bed cover with embroidery from Turkey, might have to go back soon, I guess…

And in case you’re not in Berlin, they’ve also got an online store to shop.

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Süper Store

Süper Store

Dieffenbachstraße 12

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Tue–Fri 12:00–19:00
Sat 11:00–18:00


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    Looks like one of those really cool & interesting to visit places you can only find in Berlin! :)

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