Sushi in Berlin: Musashi

This whole-in-the-wall sushi place has been there as long as I can think, and if one wants to believe what the internet says, it’s been there since the wall came down. And it’s still very good sushi.

Looking like quite authentic, the tiny place offers only a couple of places to sit, a menu featuring the classics of Japanese sushi, hand-drawn pictures of specials on the wall and always ice-cold Asahi beer. It’s fame exceeds its size and thus it’s constantly crowded, making it almost impossible to get a seat during lunch and dinner hours.

Anyway, in this gorgeous season called summer, it’s best to get yourself some sushi, Edamame and some cold Asahi beer and take it to Landwehrkanal to enjoy it in the sun, like we did just before the storm came last night.

I tried a lot of different sushi places in Berlin and this one still is one of my favorites. Maybe because it’s just offering basic sushi, no fried chicken rolls with wasabi mayonaise but the classics like Kappa or Shinko and then of course a perfect Unagi inside-out-roll. And a very delicious Matcha ice cream you can also get to-go.



Kottbusser Damm 102

10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 12:00–22:30
Sun 14:00–22:00


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  1. Joel on


    In any other city this would be SO AVERAGE. It’s just that Berlin has almost comically low standards for any kind of asian food or fresh fish. This is Sushi like Starbucks is Cappuccino.

    1. Michael on

      @Joel: Just to get an impression of what you mean: Why don’t you name a few places in other towns which comply to your high standards?

  2. James on


    @Joel that’s such a weird thing to say.

    I’m sure that if you dropped the sushi places from those other cities in Japan, then they’d seem average too. But hey, they aren’t in Japan, and neither is Musashi.

    For Berlin, this is “very good sushi”. So what’s your point?

  3. blablaBerlin on


    …oh yes we all yearn for the day that Berlin sushi and everything else here will finally have the standard of NY, London, … that’s why we’re all here. a bit ridiculous to move to a place and then complain about what is ‘missing’. unless, of course, you have any plans to save us with better sushi at the same price :) please make it happen

  4. Timothy on


    Yay, sweet. I love sushi. :-)

  5. Susanne on


    At least they still serve butter fish (Sasaya took it of its menu after a customer fell sick)

  6. Marianne on


    tested a few times (no choice, lack of a better) : I’m far for sharing your enthusiasm !

  7. maintanos on


    this is just a terrible place to have food of any kind. the sushi is plain bad, poorly stored and preserved and it just smells foul. avoid.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I seriously disagree. I’ve had the above sushi just last week and have been eating there innumerable times during the past years and never had any of your problems.

  8. Frances on


    Very picky people on comments!!! I admit that compared to other cities Berlin has not so many good Sushi restaurants to offer. But saying that Musashi’s food stinks! Come on! I ate there more than a couple of times. It’s fair priced and, most important, real japanese!

  9. Nadja on


    wow, looks gorgeous. I would like to try this here in cologne, too.

  10. craig on


    I’ve been here a couple of times – pretty basic – nothing stands out – I’d put it in the average line-up.

    I’m partial to Sachiko Sushi located in Savigny Passage – incredibly fresh and inspired sushi.

  11. Chiara on


    Omoni, Kopenhagener Str.

  12. Rob on


    This is nothing more than an average VIETNAMESE sushi place. The owner used to be japanese many years ago but is definitely not anymore.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I know many people doubt this place, I still like it. And I actually don’t care which nationality the owners have, as long as the sushi is yummy.

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