Escape: Canoeing on the Rhine

The heat is currently frying Berlin and its inhabitants, making a stay here quite exhausting. And if we believe the forecast, we’ll still have to face the peak of the heatwave this Sunday with over 37 degrees. But there’s cool hope for all of us and it lies in Brandenburg, of course: Canoeing.

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Sounds like a dread to do something sport-like during this heat? It actually isn’t, because there’s this beautiful river called Rhine, a tributary stream of the Havel, going through an untouched natural reserve, covered by low-slung black alder trees, lined by pine forests. Its sandy streambed is shallow and narrow and its water clear and cool. You can get your canoe in Rheinsberg and then slowly paddle down the river for about 5 hours, including stops on lovely meadows to picnic, cooling yourself down with a quick swim, laughing your asses off when your canoe got stuck on a fallen tree for the tenth time, watching kingfishers, white-tailed eagles and dragonflies in a stunning metallic blue that are actually called demoiselles.

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It will give you some sore muscles the next day because you’ll paddle for about 5 hours before a bus will shuttle you back to Rheinsberg, but it’s a beautiful experience you shouldn’t miss and the coolest thing I can recommend you to do this sweaty weekend.

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Canoes to go on the Rhin can be rented at R.A.T., Rheinsberger Adventure Tours, the tour is only available from June 15th to October 31st to protect the nature and its inhabitants. A canoe for two costs 40,-, including a waterproof bag and the transport back to Rheinsberg. The tour is neither too exhausting nor in any way dangerous and can be done without any canoeing skills or experience.


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    Wow lovely Pictures!!!

    XOXO Sandl

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    bless you! this is brilliant

  3. Kajsa on


    Flawless photography. Personally I love summer in Potsdam. The yard around Cecilienhof is really pretty.

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