Food in Berlin: Tim Raue

Green asparagus with violet meringue and thai mango

I am rarely lost for words, but when it comes to describing my very fine dining experience at Tim Raue a couple of weeks back, I find myself rather wordless. Maybe it’s because his food is about more than just filling the stomach with something dainty, maybe it’s because of the highly conceptualized menu, and maybe it’s because of the price. Nevertheless, I’m gonna try.

stilinberlin tim raue-1
Just the starters before the starter.

Eating here is clearly more about experiencing new tastes and textures, than merely the process of getting your stomach filled with something good. Starting with a variety of small dishes with pickled tomatoes, roasted sea weed, spicy nuts, radish and so much more, we were up for a menu with six courses, all slowly building up a taste scope settled somewhere between Europe and Asia. All courses are based upon each other, continue and enhance the previous dish.

stilinberlin tim raue-3
Silky tofu with sansho pepper and green paprika puree.

Of course, everything was amazing. What else can you expect of a restaurant decorated with 2 Michelin stars and 19 Gault Millau points and a chef who has won all cooking prices imaginable.

The portions are small but every piece on the dish is bursting with flavor, may it be the dots of paprika puree, the cute violet meringue or the pieces of bubble chocolate made from white Valrhona Dulcey.

stilinberlin tim raue-4
Broccoli in wasabi with mango, carrot, wasabi mayonaise and fried green rice

Eating at Tim Raue’s is not only a feast for your taste buds, service is exceptionally friendly and professional and goes well with the occasional showings of Raue himself, either freshly slicing the truffles onto the palm’s hearts of your next course or ambitiously discussing a dish with a guest, who wasn’t agreeing. Still this high class restaurant is lacking any of the stiffness or arrogance often met in other establishments of this rank.

stilinberlin tim raue-5
Cooked Palm’s heart and water chestnut, red chili and topinambur foam, topped with Australian truffels.

In case getting a full dinner menu will give your wallet the chills, try the lunch menu with three courses starting at 38 Euros. Raue has two other restaurants in Berlin, he is the head chef of Sra Bua, the Japanese-Thai cuisine restaurant at Adlon and he just recently opened La Soupe Populaire, where a variety of German classics like Königsberger Klopse, shrimp cocktail and bee sting cake is served in the very beautiful and raw structure of Bötzow brewery.

stilinberlin tim raue-6
Spicy tofu with cilantro, watermelon with pomegranate.
stilinberlin tim raue-7
Side to the main course, a salad of pickled radishes.
stilinberlin tim raue-8
Apricot sorbet with pepper, basil, cream and bubble Valrhona Dulcey chocolate.
stilinberlin tim raue-9
Some smaller desserts following dessert. As in: yes, sure!

Tim Raue

Tim Raue

Rudi-Dutschke-Straße 26

10969 Berlin Kreuzberg


Opening Hours:

Tue 19:00–22:00
Wed–Sat 12:00–15:00
Wed–Sat 19:00–22:00