On the Runway: Achtland Summer 2014

This season, my high-light of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin already happened Tuesday evening: the first runway show of Achtland at Kronprinzenpalais. Thomas Bentz and Oliver Lühr, the creative minds behind the label, finally decided to show their pieces in a classic runway show, choosing a classicist palais at Unter den Linden.
It’s easy to like them, both are extremely well-mannered, friendly and open to everyone. The complexity and the effort of their work is unmatched in Berlin. Their continuous research leads them to the weirdest places, this time it was Sammlung Prinzhorn in Heidelberg, a huge collection of artworks made by mentally ill people, as well as a book about cultured finches. But luckily, they never use their references too literal – during the design process they are used, lost and found again, creating convincing and strong pieces in vibrant yellow and a million gorgeous blue hues slowly fading.
The embroidery on the pieces is remarkable, the most elaborate piece, the above pictured jacket, also being the most amazing of the whole collection and the first of the runway: the embroidery is applied on a tiered lace, hand-colored in slowly fading hues of blue.

I usually don’t judge fashion considering whether I can see myself wearing it, but naturally, designs I not only want to, but crave to wear cause a bigger excitement than others. And oh my, would I love to wear Achtland!

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    Loving the first outfit. Thanks for all your high-quality posts.

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