On the Runway: Julian Zigerli Summer 2014

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert Julian Zigerli

During Fashion Week, there’s only so much I can do myself – too many shows in too little time, and every season there’s the unpleasant double-date, the two shows I really want to see but sadly are happening at the same time. This time it was Julian Zigerli’s presentation that I missed because I attended Achtland’s (fabulous) runway show. Luckily, Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert, a young photography student at Ostkreuzschule, with high ambitions and even higher talent, visited Zigerli backstage and sent me his analogue snaps, that I am very happy to present here:

Joseph Wolfgang Ohlert Julian Zigerli
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  1. Karin on


    Was sind das denn für Fotos? Ist das ein Label für Frisurenmode und gaye Sixpacks?

  2. StreetLounge on


    Hmm, not really my style, kinda weird, but I think I could find 2-3 wearable pieces! :)

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