On the Runway: Lala Berlin Summer 2014

Whatever Leyla Piedayesh does with her label Lala Berlin, she’s doing it right – always reciting the latest trends (heads with wide brims, pastel prints, sweaters with bold motifs, impressing reds) without appearing to be a copy-cat, she and her team of Lala Girls create looks and pieces that prompt a certain must-have-feel that’s needed to make a label not only creatively, but also commercially successful. Her next summer collection, presented during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin at the former Opernwerkstätten in Mitte, is full of these kind of moments. I felt it with the floor-length trenchcoat in light pink, with the bold summer knits, the light-blue shorts in summer tweed, and last but not least with the oversized kaftan with a giant monstera plant print in bright pink hues. Yes, I can see me spending the short weeks of Berlin summer in this kind of clothing.

stilinberlin lala-1
stilinberlin lala-17 stilinberlin lala-16 stilinberlin lala-15 stilinberlin lala-14 stilinberlin lala-13 stilinberlin lala-12 stilinberlin lala-11 stilinberlin lala-10 stilinberlin lala-9 stilinberlin lala-8 stilinberlin lala-7 stilinberlin lala-5 stilinberlin lala-4 stilinberlin lala-3 stilinberlin lala-2


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