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Bread in Berlin

A great Berlin day starts with an announcement of Malin Elmlid, that she’s baking and bread is available for trading. If you’re quick enough, you will enjoy one of her special sourdough breads in the evening. Best to be had with fresh butter from Brodowin. Follow her facebook page to get alerted when the oven is switched on again!

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Discover This: Hans Dampf

Money is the root of all evil, money can’t buy you happiness, or as Biggie Smalls put it so fittingly, “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” It’s a little hard to believe if you don’t really have much of it, but in the case of Hans, there seems to be more than enough money to come to such conclusions. Hans lives in Cologne, wears business suits, and decides to give up his job and his regular life. He calls his parents, then gives his iPhone to some kids on the streets and buys a photograph off a kebap vendor of some beautiful house near a lake to go on a trip south in the vague hope to find that house – or at least happiness- on the way.

Escape: Brodowin

I am quite sure you’ve heard the name “Brodowin” already – most likely on a milk bottle in your favorite coffee shop or in your local Bioladen. It is by far the best milk you can get in Berlin, and even better, you can visit the cows that  provide it , they live happily just 80km north of Mitte. Which is what I’ve done this past weekend.

white breads at Sironi, Markthalle IX, Berlin

Berlin’s Best Bread: Sironi

Update: This beautiful Italian bakery won the first Berlin’s Best Bread tasting with its Pane di Milano!

Although I was very sure to predict bread as the most important topic of 2013, the local bakery scene hasn’t yet flourished with new openings and offerings. But now, as we’re about to leave summer behind, a seriously recommendable new bakery just started its business in what is the most exciting location for food ventures in Berlin right now: at Markthalle IX.

Discover This: Kid-Thing

Once upon a time there was a violent girl named Annie. She had long blond hair and her freckled face rarely smiled. Annie liked to play soccer as much as she liked to wear oversized men’s shirts. Her kingdom was the outskirts of a small town in Texas and her favourite pastime was destroying things. When Annie entered a grocery store, she would steal something; when she once stole a beautiful rainbow-coloured lollipop, she quickly bit it into pieces. One day, as Annie went on a stroll through the woods behind her house, she heard a voice from a hole in the ground and it seemed that her life was changed forever.

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