Berlin’s Best Bread: Sironi

white breads at Sironi, Markthalle IX, Berlin

Update: This beautiful Italian bakery won the first Berlin’s Best Bread tasting with its Pane di Milano!

Although I was very sure to predict bread as the most important topic of 2013, the local bakery scene hasn’t yet flourished with new openings and offerings. But now, as we’re about to leave summer behind, a seriously recommendable new bakery just started its business in what is the most exciting location for food ventures in Berlin right now: at Markthalle IX.

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Alfredo Sironi came to Berlin to take up a passion with family-history – in his small bakery he’s hand making his white Italian breads, pastries and focaccias and you can watch him do it through the giant windows.

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A good way to choose from his breads is to ask for what’s best today, since bread making is different every day, depending on the condition of the weather and the dough, and, if nothing else, the baker. He recommended his spelt bread past Friday and I also enjoyed the pure focaccia genovese (vegan! can you believe it?), the ciabatta with olives and a Maritozzi.
His delicious bread doesn’t need much addition, some olive oil, salt and tomatoes will do for a quick lunch, but of course countless opportunities with dried tomatoes, some provolone and arugula, or pear with sage and goat cheese on top? By the way, you can get all of this at Friday’s and Saturday’s farmer’s market at Markthalle.

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White bread is somewhat known for drying quickly and best be eaten on the day of purchase, but Sironi’s bread can easily be stored for three to four days. Alas, it won’t last that long.

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Sironi opened his new bakery just one week ago in the middle of Markthalle IX and is also the first vendor there to be opened six days a week from 8 to 6pm, starting the evolvement of the hall to an all-week destination for food lovers.

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Eisenbahnstraße 42

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Görlitzer Bahnhof

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 8:00–20:00
Thu 08:00–22:00
Sat 08:00–18:00


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  1. annton on


    I was blessed to pretest his goods and what can I say, a complete bread was gone within twenty minutes!

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