Crêpes in Berlin: Chez Bubar

Update: Chez Bubar moved to the farmer’s market at Karl August Platz in Charlottenburg offering his crêpe Wednesday’s and Saturday’s from 8am to 1pm.

I spent my summer vacation on the West coast of France this year, enjoying the golden sandy beaches, the ice-cold water and the delicious Crêpes that are served in the Bretagne. Coming back to Berlin, I was excited to find a new Breton Crêpes maker in Markthalle: Chez Bubar!

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Apparently, Crêpes are a religiously praised craftsmanship, judged by the perfectly thin dough sweeping and the honoring of home made salted caramel. Chez Bubar was opened by Breton Nicolas Janiaud, who was trained as a lawyer before he decided to take up his personal passion and became a patissier. In Berlin he starts with a small yet lovely booth in Markthalle, where he offers his classic Crêpes. Hearty ones made from buckwheat flour called Galettes, and sugary sweet ones made from wheat flour.

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After choosing from the menu, you can watch the master patiently preparing your treat, sweeping the dough on the hot plate, flip it over to the next, rub salted butter on it and top it with cheese, or ham, or ham and cheese, or tapenade or Speck or… The procedure for the sweet is just the same, only the toppings vary with a bestseller being the Nutella ones. A preference I can’t quite follow, I’d always go for the home made caramel. Nicolas tells me it’s one of the ingredients patissiers take a lot of pride in making themselves following their own special method.

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I found Chez Bubar’s Crêpes to be seriously delicios, light but generously filled, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, bringing a smile to your face for just 2 Euros. I recommend having one as dessert at the end of your Street Food Thursday eating spree.


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  1. Birgit on


    I am having crêpe au caramel beurre salé every weekend. It is my favourite. And it is great. I can highly recommend Bubar’s crêpes. They are the best in town!

  2. Fran on


    For many germans (not being born in France, obviously) at least those who were not born into the urban boheme, the predilection for Nutella crêpe was formed in early childhood. For me and many people I know it has a lot to do with Weihnachtsmarkt. You go there with your parents, you have Langosh, and the whole shebang normally not being the most sophisticated event means, that traditions are re-invented. I had a lot of Nutella crêpe in my childhood and youth, but now would always go for the caramel/salted butter option.

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