Food in Berlin: Salumeria Lamuri

Da Baffi is rightfully known as one of the most charming Italian restaurants with high quality food in Berlin and is usually on my list of recommendations. So when I heard the crew behind it opened a new breakfast, lunch and apéro place on Köpenicker Straße, I couldn’t wait to go. The space is small but the interior of the former butcher then electrical store, now restaurant is stunning, to say the least. The original tiles and wall paintings were restored and the look was completed with simple vintage wooden furniture. I instantly considered it to be one of the best restaurant interiors in Berlin. Sadly though, the offered food can’t quite keep up with the delightful interior.

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The menu is short but promising. They have the traditional Italian snack options like Ciabatta with Prosciutto di Parma, dried tomatoes and pesto or with Gorgonzola, pear and walnuts (3,80 each) and a lunch list that includes pasta dishes as well as Secondis like Saltimbocca (11 Euros). I decide to have the Burratina, a smaller Burrata, with tomatoes and Rucola, my friend chooses the Orechiette with pistachio pesto, goat cheese and orange zests (8,50 each). I’m adding a delicious Chinotto, a lemonade made from small bitter oranges, made by Lurisia and carrying the Slow Food seal. While my serving of Rucola and tomatoes certainly could’ve been more generous and also intense in taste, considering the price of the dish, the Burratina was very good, firm on the outside and softly melting on the inside, and made a perfect lighter yet filling lunch. The pasta though wasn’t leaving a lasting impression, the taste was neither very pistachio nor very orange like but had a tinge of industrial broth.

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This lunch experience left me puzzled whether or not to recommend this place on this very website. My standard policy is to highlight the good ones, while remaining silent about the not so convincing examples. Except for the occasional instagram shout-outs for those who really surprised me with their insufficient quality because they’re usually hyped and praised. But Salumeria Lamuri is a different case. I like the crew and what they do at Da Baffi and I love the interior. Maybe it’s all just due to the stress of the opening months? Maybe the head chef of Da Baffi could come down from Wedding one day to teach the Lamuri team some of his tricks? It’d certainly be my favorite Italian lunch spot in the area in no time. Until then, go for the coffee, it’s delicious.

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Salumeria Lamuri

Salumeria Lamuri

Köpenicker Straße 183

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Schlesisches Tor

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 9:00-18:00


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  1. Sylee on


    Always really useful to have an honest take. So glad to know about your Instagram list!

  2. itchy on


    your food posts are always awesome. please keep them coming.

  3. Claudia on


    I’ve been there a couple of times, I do love to stop by at my lunch break, and for a good reason: the food @ Salumeria Lamuri is incredibly delicious + people are lovely. I never ever had a bad experience there and I may call myself pretty experienced with mediterranean food. 10 out of 10 points from my side!

  4. Matthias Dietz on


    I really dont agree with your critique ….

  5. Klara on


    Oh, endlich mal ein kritischer Beitrag, wo sonst nur gejubelt wird. Nur liegst du hier absolut falsch. Ich bin Stammgast bei Lamuri und kann kann das, was du schreibst, beim besten Willen nicht teilen.

  6. Ashley on


    I had an amazing lunch here about a month ago, and have been dreaming of that meal ever since. What a bummer, maybe you caught them on a bad day? Or maybe my meal was just an exceptional special? Either way honesty is always refreshing.

  7. Giovanni on


    I don’t agree with you, the place and the food is wonderful.
    I tried some of their pasta and i had the same pasta as you and i never had such a good pistacchio pesto before, not even in italy. I never had a bad experience at Lamuri and i will definetly go again for lunch! I like your blog, but i don’t agree with you.

  8. Sebastian Wolf on


    Probably some of the best Trattoria-food I have had outside of Italy! It may be because of the situ which reminds one some much of it! Loved every bite, very recommendable!

  9. Ting on


    I was there with a friend last week and I couldn’t agree with you more! The interior is stunning and is also the main reason that I’d love to go back, but the food, well, quite disappointing to be honest. We had a pasta and a cake, and they were both very average, just too plain to even find words to describe them…

  10. Ewa on


    I think you should visit this place again…I just had an amaaaaazing plate of tagliatelle pasta with truffles

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