Food in London: Silk Road

So, I actually wouldn’t consider myself an expert on Chinese food – The options we have in Berlin are rather limited and not necessarily around the corner, so Chinese food just isn’t on my regular food list.
Anyhow, even before I went to London, I knew I wanted to try as many Asian restaurants as possible, knowing that London has a great culture of Asian food. So we started with Silk Road close by Camberwell Green in Peckham. And boy, would I’ve loved to pack the place up and transplant it to Mitte.

Spiced aubergine
Spiced aubergine
stilinberlin silk road-2Silk Road was a last-minute tip by some people we met at the Peckham Refreshment Rooms x Hay restaurant in Central London. We were looking for a place open on a Sunday night with especially London-ish weather (fuzzy rain all over).

Entering the small restaurant with a rather undistinguishable interior I immediately knew it was going to be good. The inside was filled with delicious smells of cooking food and the guests all had this certain satisfied look in their eyes. We went for some smaller hot dishes like spiced eggplant (so good!), homemade cabbage (even better!), dumplings and then ordered a big bowl of broth with meat, potatoes, vegetables and a serving of their homemade noodles everyone recommended us to try.

An extra serving of noodles is added.
An extra serving of noodles is added.

The broth was divine – actually so delicious, that in the moment I tasted it I felt a certain sadness that this is only to be had in London. It wouldn’t have needed the dish with noodles, tomatoes and eggs that I also ordered, the portions are more than generous.

While we indulged in our food, the room got steamier by the minute. The spicy food and damp air warmed us inside and out. It is certainly the best autumn / winter food one can image.

In case someone has a recommendation for something similar in Berlin – please let me know!

stilinberlin silk road-6 stilinberlin silk road-4

Silk Road

Silk Road

49 Camberwell Church St

SE5 8T London

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 17:00–23:00
Sat–Sun 14:00–23:00


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  1. Viola on


    Hi Mary,

    try Long March Canteen in Berlin, I wonder what you think about it. I know someone who works there …

    All the best form Munich

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Hmmm.. I’m not a fan, to be honest.

  2. Giulia Pines Kersthold on


    “actually so delicious, that in the moment I tasted it I felt a certain sadness that this is only to be had in London.”

    This is basically my reaction to every restaurant in London…

    But still, so glad you made it to Silk Road! Unfortunately when I went, it was the last stop on a “restaurant crawl” that included four other restaurants and a bar, so all we could do by that point was stare wistfully at the food arriving at our table, wishing we somehow had room for it…

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I usually wish for a second stomach for journeys like this – you know, like a travel-stomach you could get out and just eat twice as much… (yes, I know how gross this idea sounds)

  3. Stefanie on


    Ich bin auch kein Fan von Long March – viel Hype um nüscht. Aber Du musst unbedingt die jiaozi in der Kugler/Ecke Greidenhagener bei Wok Show probieren.
    Und: Das beste Chinesiche Essen in Berlin gibts imho in der Eisenzahnstr. bei Hot Spot in Charlottenburg – hervorragende Küche zu okayen Preisen und sehr gute Weine

  4. Giulia Pines Kersthold on


    Hmm…so essentially you wish to be a travel cow?

    That might be a good name for a blog about eating while traveling:”Travel cows”!

  5. Liam Huitzilopochtli McCleary on


    I’ve never been there but it does sound great. However, I must point out that one does not eat “eggplant” in London, it is aubergine.

  6. suzee on


    Excellent choice have to say! This restaurant is the best XinJiang Restaurant in UK which brought my memories in Camberwell. Especially their noodle dishes, yum, I could swallow my tongue for that.

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