Vegan in Berlin: Lucky Leek

Lucky Leek main course: mushroom risotto with sweetpotato tempura and eggplant-pumpkin rolls stilinberlin
Lucky Leek main course: mushroom risotto with sweetpotato tempura and eggplant-pumpkin rolls

If you ask me, when it comes to vegan food, Berlin still has a lot to do. Yes, there’s the wonderful Veganz with its two stores, and there’s the delicious Goodie’s delis (who just opened their fifth joint in Schlachtensee, but is not thinking about Mitte or Kreuzberg…), and then there are the gazillion vegan burger or burrito places, but if you’re not at all going for this fast vegan food, it can be difficult.
But what am I talking about, there are possibilities, and one very fine for a delicious 100% vegan dinner is Lucky Leek.

gourmet popcorn at lucky leek, stilinberlin
Gourmet popcorn is a thing – here served with olive oil and herbs as a snack with the wine.

Disregarding the not-quite-as-funny name and the rather mundane interior style, this restaurant on Kollwitzstraße is actually offering very fine vegan cuisine with an excellent service. I wanted to have dinner here for ages, so when Fabian Hart and I were looking for a place that would be able to deal with his vegetarian and gluten-free diet, the time had finally come. It was no problem to get a table for two on a Thursday night, although the place was fairly busy. Starting of with gourmet popcorn with herbs and olive oil, we were then in for a treat with every course being delicious and original.

Spicy tart soup with pumpkin dumplings and kimchi, stilinberlin
Spicy tart soup with pumpkin dumplings and kimchi

My starter was excellent, the flavorful pumpkin dumplings came in a spicy broth, and although the Kimchi did not meet the quality of Fräulein Kimchi (I consider myself spoiled), it was a good addition.
We both decided for the mushroom risotto with eggplant-pumpkin rolls, sweetpotato tempura, spinach pistou and radishes. It didn’t only look very appealing, it certainly was delicious. The different components, especially the raw beetroot cut into giant spaghetti and the fresh basil, blended into a very tasty experience.

The service is lovely, to say the least. Concerned and attentive, and with just the right amount of enthusiasm for the food and drinks they serve, we felt very well taken care of. Actually, our waiter was so friendly, Fabian in between assumed, he would’ve noticed I am actually doing this blog and might write about the dinner. But, careful observation showed, that he spent just the same time and verve on the serving of all other tables.

Lucky Leek

Lucky Leek

Kollwitzstraße 54

10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Senefelder Platz

Opening Hours:

Wed–Sun from 18:00-22:00


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  1. Marc on


    How about Momos. not too far away from lucky leeks. vegan dumplings for dumpling lovers, fried or streamed.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Hmm, after I’ve been at the pre-opening with not-so-convincing food, I never went back. Moschinski just doesn’t really meet my taste, it seems. Maybe I have to give it another chance

  2. Phonique on


    if you check out Kopps again, make sure you go there for dinner not lunch- you will find some good stuff there!
    i can also highly recommend Pantry and Katz Orange. Both places are probably known for their non vegan dishes, but Pantry is offering some really great vegan option now on a daily basis and the chefs at Katz Orange are truely willing to adjust their menu for vegan demands- they even spontaneously created some vegan main dish for us last time!
    we tried to visit Lucky Leek 3 times in the past 3 months or so and it was always closed although it was supposed to be open- so maybe we will give it another try soon- sounds delicious!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I will put it on my list, I’ve heard about it several times now.. And I do like Katz Orange, Pantry though I’ve never been but can’t even tell you why…

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