Chinese in Berlin: Tian Fu

Tian Fu - stilinberlin
Aubergine Yuxiang style

After an astonishingly bland dinner at Ming Dynastie last week, I gave up on the idea to get good Chinese food in the East of this city and went back to where Berlin’s Asian heart resides: the West. And I found what is now my favorite place for Chinese, especially Sichuan food: Tian Fu.

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This is probably no news to many of you, not only had I multiple friends on Foursquare who’ve already checked in here, but the restaurant was also quite crowded on a late Sunday afternoon and it seems that making a reservation is very recommended even during weekdays. Yet, the food is so worth it.

We chose four starters and two mains, cucumbers, green beans, algae salad (3,50 Euros each) and steamed buns were followed by fried eggplants Yüxiang style (8,90 Euros) and stir-fried duck Sichuan style (10,50 Euro). We did not order the fish pot although it bore a striking resemblance to the huge pot we had at Silk Road in London, so this needs to be done another time.

Tian Fu - stilinberlin

Shortly said, everything was delicious, fresh and crisp vegetables came along with spicy and sweet dressing for the starters, the eggplants then had such a creamy texture and dainty taste, I couldn’t stop eating until the plate was clean. My dinner partner said the same about the duck – it is highly recommendable to come with as many people as you can to have as many different dishes as possible. The search for my favorite Chinese in Berlin is officially over.

Tian Fu also runs a second restaurant and store at Berliner Str. 15 in Wilmersdorf, if anyone of you has ever been there, let me know if it’s as good as this one!

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Tian Fu

Tian Fu

Uhlandstraße 142

10719 Berlin Wilmersdorf


Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 12:00–15:30 17:30–23:00
Sat–Sun 12:00–23:00