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Leather harness at DSTM, Berlin

It’s actually embarrassing, that this blog post is written only now. It should’ve been written months ago, when this beauty of a little boutique opened. Considering I met Jen Gilpin, the owner and creative director of the label DSTM for the first time over six years ago and have followed her career ever since. Anyway, take a look into one of the prettiest boutiques of Mitte: DSTM.

stilinberlin dstm-5

The label DSTM is known to be one of the most sexy (yet wearable in daylight on the street) we have in Berlin – designing almost exclusively in black and beige, DSTM has a seductiveness and elegance, that’s unique in a city, where sneakers and sweatpants are considered legitimate clothing for a night out.
The Canadian born Jen is herself the best muse and model for DSTM, blending a sweet politeness with subtle allure like it’s the most natural thing in the world. The boutique in Mitte embodies this style of DSTM, the floor is glossy black, the clothes hangers and windows are shiny brass and the furniture is made of heavy wood. Always alluring, but never annoying.

DSTM doesn’t only create beautiful dresses in silk and leather, but also leather jackets, decorative harnesses, accessoires like bags and gloves as well as hoisery. If you want to get a glimpse into the world of DSTM, indulge in their look books, shot, of course, by Jen’s now husband Maxime Ballesteros. (Surprisingly, Jen’s wedding dress wasn’t black.)

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Torstraße 161

10115 Berlin Mitte

Rosenthaler Platz

Opening Hours:

Mon–Sat 13:00-20:00


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