Vintage in Berlin: Mankii

I kind of lost track on vintage shopping in Berlin, maybe because I am not interested in that certain synthetic sweater with stonewashed jeans in weird proportions look sported in certain streets of Neukölln (as I’ve heard). Maybe because I found my favorites (Das Neue Schwarz, Garments, Rianna) and have not been able to find good stuff at the newcomers and thus lost interest? Anyhow, somehow my treasure-seeking spirit revived last week and I payed a visit to a store I’ve been passing by on my bike about 2 million times and never stopped before this one day last week: Mankii.

Mankii Vintage - stilinberlin
Mankii Vintage - stilinberlin Mankii Vintage

The interior is typical – rails filled with garments, drawers and cabinets full of jewelry, bags and shoes. But very pretty ones. Especially convincing is their choice of day-dresses, lovely white lace shifts hang next to colorful tea-dresses with bold flower prints and embroidered summer dresses. They do offer men’s and children’s clothing on the lower level, especially the kid’s section is quite unusual and had some very pretty dresses and shirts on display.

Mankii Vintage
The men’s section.
stilinberlin mankii-8 stilinberlin mankii-4

As an extra there’s a wonderful service with a cute little dog watching over the sales (can you spot her in the pictures?), and a little sweet surprise given to every buy. It was a day with crazy rain when I came here, so I almost went for a white shirt with blue leaved trees and elephants on it (you understand this causality, I’m sure). But then I left it there to lighten up your mood and instead got a bright white shirt with blue stripes and a small yet pleasing unicorn embroidery that I’ve been wearing ever since. If you’re on a Mitte shopping trip our just on Torstraße, don’t miss this one.

stilinberlin mankii-11 stilinberlin mankii-1 stilinberlin mankii-3 stilinberlin mankii-9 stilinberlin mankii-5 stilinberlin mankii-6


Gormannstraße 16

10119 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sat 12:00–19:00


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  1. StreetLounge on


    “that certain synthetic sweater with stonewashed jeans in weird proportions look sported in certain streets of Neukölln” – lol! :D

  2. lilly on


    but where is this store exactly?!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      you can see the adress above right, or click “view on map”

  3. Oana on


    I really hoped this store would remain a secret…

    Speaking of the looks you’ve spotted in Neukölln, I think it would be more fair to just acknowledge the different vibes of each Berliner neighbourhood…

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Oana, the store lies in a busy part of Mitte and I wish them the most of success, so why keep it secret? And speaking of the looks of Neukölln, that was a joke..

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