Bakeries in Berlin: A Best Of

bread at wiener brot

This time we’ve teamed up with style blog extraordinaire to explore the best of bakeries in Berlin. Sadly much of Germany’s bread baking tradition has been lost and most bakeries you’ll find in Berlin sell warmed up dough pieces that merely deserve to be called bread. Luckily, there have always been people working on keeping delicious bread without artificial additives or chemistry tricks a staple in German households. The past years have spurred a new interest in artisanal breads and some brave people took the chance and started new bread businesses. Here are five outstanding examples of German (and Austrian) bread craft in Berlin (in alphabetic order) and make sure to visit ignant for more:


Photo: ignant
Photo: ignant
Photo: ignant
Photo: ignant

This lovely bakery with café is a part of the Alpenstück empire on the corner of Schröderstraße and Gartenstraße in Mitte, which also includes an Alpine kitchen restaurant and a manufacture selling housemade cookies, jams and pasta. We really like their sourdough breads, and can hardly ever not get one of their juicy and super sweet filled buns.

Schröderstraße 1

10115 Berlin Mitte

Mon–Fri 07:00–19:00,
Sat–Sun 08:00–18:00

Beumer & Lutum

Cake at Beumer Lutum bakery, Kreuzberg variety of bread at Beumer Lutum

This organic bakery was founded at Cuvrystraße twenty years ago and has since then produced the most delicious breads in Berlin – today Beumer&Lutum’s baked goods are widely available throughout the city. Besides a big variety of breads, they offer an even bigger selection of cakes, tartes, little treats and a choice of vegan delicacies. Their sesame hazelnut bread has been my favorite since I moved to Berlin ten years ago (especially lightly toasted) and Beumer&Lutum just started selling their christmas cookies, Stollen and gingerbreads. The Cuvrystraße bakery also has a small breakfast and lunch menu which is very recommendable.

Cuvrystraße 22

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Fri 07:00–18:30,
Sat 07:00–15:00,
Sun 08:00–13:00


white breads at Sironi, Markthalle IX, Berlin

The youngest in this group is Alfredo Sironi, who opened his super-tiny bakery this summer at Markthalle IX and has captured the hearts of bread-lovers as if it was the easiest thing to do – once you tasted his white sourdough breads you’ll know why. I constantly keep on buying too much at Sironi, but how to say no to sweet Focaccia, Ciabatta or Maritozzi and this giant white breads that need not more than a little olive oil and salt?

Eisenbahnstraße 42

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Fri 8:00–20:00,
Thu 08:00–22:00,
Sat 08:00–18:00


bread at soluna bakery, kreuzberg
Photo: ignant
Photo: ignant
Photo: ignant

Any quick poll on what’s the best bakery in Berlin will bring up this one: Soluna, whose complete name is actually Soluna – Brot und Öl, since they also sell oil, a bunch of self-made pestos, raw milk butter (!) as well as cheese. All of which serves as the perfect addition to their utterly dainty breads. The variety is not huge like at Beumer&Lutum, but their sourdough breads are outstanding thanks to a long rising process, the baking in a clay oven and an admirable treatment of the bread baking craft. Sadly, the service can be a bit rough, considering what the bakery went through this past months and thanks to the still superior breads this can only be forgivable.

Gneisenaustraße 58

10961 Berlin Kreuzberg

Mon–Fri 09:00–19:00,
Sat 8:00–16:00

Wiener Brot

bread at Wiener Brot, Mitte cakes at Wiener Brot

Sarah Wiener is not only a chef, a restaurateur, author and TV-personality, but also a bread-lover. Which is why she started her own Berlin baking house. Called Wiener Brot after herself and her origin, it relies heavily on Austrian baking traditions. My personal favorite of her wood fired oven breads is the Hausbrot, flavored with herbs like caraway and fennel that is best enjoyed with fresh butter. But you should also try the Salzstangerl, Buchteln and all the other treats offered in this small Mitte bakery. By now, Wiener Brot is also available at KaDeWe, Rogacki, Bio Company and LPG.

Tucholskystraße 31

10117 Berlin Mitte

Mon–Fri 07:00–19:00,
Sat 08:00–16:00


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  1. Florian on


    A nice selection and I look forward to try them out. However I am surprised you didn’t include Wichert-Brot ( in Wilmersdorf. They opened shop in 1981 and still grind their own flour daily. If you haven’t been there before you should give it a try!

  2. Alina Noir on


    This is the most amazing post. I simply love bread, and Berlin. And I can hardly wait to see Berlin under snow!
    Love, Alina Noir

  3. Sophia on


    Tolle Tipps, allerdings alle aus x Berg und mitte. Ich würde einen aus City West vorschlagen, weichardt am Mehlitzstr.

  4. ollie on


    i’m also a fan of zeit fur brot and brot und butter.

  5. Imki on


    In Charlottenburg empfehle ich auch die Bäckerei Banach in der Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee. Völlig unstylisch, die herzliche Besitzerin mit Angela-Merkel-Gedächtnisfrisur von 1999, dafür mit wahnsinnig guten Brötchen und tollem Feingebäck. Eine besondere Empfehlung für die Wölkchen!

  6. Katja Avant-Hard on


    This is a very useful information, because after 2 years living in Berlin I still have not figured out which ones are the best.
    But I would also like to share the link to FREE bread (and not only!), for those who might be with the low income or know someone who will appreciate this initiative:
    NO dumpster diving!

  7. Natalye on


    Interesting selection. Admittedly, of all of these, I have only been to the Beumer & Lutum, as I conveniently live close by. But I will definitely have to check out the others. Thanks for the roundup!

  8. Christina on


    Fand leider das Sauerteigbrot bei Sironi echt enttäuschend. Vielleicht bin ich etwas verwöhnt, weil ich einige Zeit in Stockholm gelebt habe und die dort wirklich wissen, wie man gutes Sauerteigbrot herstellt. Aber ich werde weiter suchen.
    In Stockholm kann ich Gunnarssons auf Södermalm empfehlen oder auch die Kette Gateau, deren Interior mein altes Büro sehr liebevoll entworfen hat oder das Brot in Rosendals Trädgardd. Vielleicht eröffnet ja in Berlin mal eine schwedische Bäckerei. Würd mich freuen. Süßigkeitenläden gibt es ja auch schon… ;)

  9. Sanja on


    Must try Alpenstück! Looks yum!

  10. Karl on


    Gute Bäckerei ist in Ebersstraße in Berlin-Schöneberg. Bäckei Mayer. Super Brot und man kann das Backstube Besichtigen.

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