Breakfast in Berlin: 3 Minutes Sur Mer

Croque Madame at 3 Minutes sur Mer

I said it before, having breakfast in Berlin is not as easy as you think or hope. Many places interpret breakfast as a plate filled with dried-out cheese covered with bits of sugary jam and decorated with sad pieces of fruit. Trying to find a place with decent egg dishes served in a pleasant atmosphere is a constant struggle – Mitte, for instance, basically offers three spots to spend your Sunday mornings – Enjoying Mogg&Melzer’s Shakshuka, Meierei’s scrambled eggs or the fabulous breakfast at 3 Minutes sur Mer.

Eggs benedict at 3 Minutes sur Mer, Berlin
Eggs Benedict

I’ve been raving about this place before and usually put them on lists of recommendations for friends – their bright and spacious interior with wooden tables and chairs and a beautiful bar, the open window into the kitchen and the giant windows looking out onto busy Torstraße serve as the perfect background for the delicious food.

3 Minutes sur Mer is the bistro-offshoot of Bandol sur Mer, its haute-cuisine-sibling next door, and thus the focus of the kitchen is clearly French cooking. Which means: Croque Madame and a French version of the American classic Eggs Benedict for breakfast!

Caramelized Müsli with fresh fruits and yoghurt at 3 Minutes sur Mer, Berlin
Caramelized Müsli with fresh fruits and yoghurt

However, these classics might not look like you know them from other places – the egg dishes are served on a wooden board and accompanied by a salad (I was happy to see they stopped serving the salad on top of the eggs, making all of it taste like vinaigrette). The Croque Madame is essentially the Croque Monsieur, a cheese and bacon sandwich with house-made rosemary bread, but topped with a sunny-side-up.
All portions are quite filling, qualifying for a hangover-breakfast as well as a starter into a grey and cold Sunday. Just one let-down: breakfast is only served on weekends.

3 Minutes Sur Mer

3 Minutes Sur Mer

Torstrasse 167

10115 Berlin Mitte

Rosenthaler Platz

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 18:00–23:00
Sat–Sun 10:00–23:00


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  1. Sylee on


    Such a brilliant tip, I had no idea they did breakfast (we too are always scrambling to find somewhere worthwhile to visit)!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I know! It’s a mystery to me, honestly.

  2. monica on


    Amazing! It was so difficult to find a decent plce to have breakfast. Can you do a list of 5 to 10 good brunch or breakfast cafés?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      FIVE??? Omg…
      But will try :-)

  3. Kyle Mac on


    Ahh the breakfast here is amazing. I’m also a big fan of New Deli Yoga’s breakfast on Falckensteinstr!

  4. Isabelle on


    You could have Turkish breakfast though! Super delicious and really balanced!
    That said, I really like your blog, keep on with the good tips :)

  5. Kate (@shoegirlinDE) on


    This looks amazing! I think I know where we’re going for our next brunch outing…

  6. Maurice on


    Try California breakfast slam.. Huevos rancheros are yummy

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