Turkish in Berlin: Adana Grillhaus

Grilled lamb at Adana Grillhaus, Kreuzberg

November is an exciting month for me, not only did we have the tremendous success of Warm Up this past weekend, but also did the Stil in Berlin office move from Mitte to Kreuzberg. Which means there are countless new lunch options to explore. First is a recommendation I had on my list for much too long – Adana Grillhaus. One important reason why it took so long is that Adana is just really not for vegetarians, but meat-lovers will find a home here.

Meze plate at Adana Grillhaus
Plate of Meze

This Turkish barbecue restaurant is all about grilled meats – you’ll instantly realize when entering onto the lower level which is dominated by a huge charcoal-grill framed by an equally huge rack of raw meats. The menu reflects this focus, all main dishes are grilled meats, except the vegetarian Börek with spinach and feta cheese and the Meze, the appetizers. Which is why I brought a meat-appreciating friend, who chose the lamb pirzola, lamb chops (14 Euros), that came with a grilled tomato and pepper, bread and fresh salad. And he says it was deliciously grilled, very juicy and perfectly seasoned.
Judging from the pleasure he took in eating his plate, it must have been almost perfect.

Humuslu Patlican Ezmesi at Adana Grillhaus
Hummus with eggplant

I for myself feasted on the various Meze, we ordered a plate of appetizers (7,50 Euros) and an additional hummus with eggplants, Humuslu Patlican Ezmesi (6,50 Euros), that came with a fire-roasted pita bread, which was a wonderful completion to our meal.

Adana Grillhaus

Adana Grillhaus

Manteuffelstraße 86

10997 Berlin Kreuzberg

Görlitzer Bahnhof

Opening Hours:

daily 12:00–02:00


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