Bibimbap in Berlin: Core

Bibimbab lunch at Core, Kreuzberg

Exploring Kreuzberg lunch-wise proves to be a very interesting and joyful enterprise. Just last week we discovered the most lovely little Korean place just off Skalitzer Straße. More of a hole-in-the-wall place, this joint is the younger and smaller sister of Prenzlauer Berg’s Korean institution Core, which was just recently opened and also includes a little shop. Although one wonders how they manage all of that in a place that is merely 20sqm big. But they do.

The day we visit Core is one of those Berlin November days everyone would rather like to skip – fat grey clouds hang low, it’s raining rather constantly and the air is freezing enough to make you shiver. It’s the weather that will make you get a cold, basically. And then you enter Core and you instantly know everything will be alright – it’s welcoming you with hot and steamy air filled with scents of fresh food. There are merely 11 seats, which are always occupied during lunch time, but miraculously people tend to leave when new guests arrive and everyone will be served eventually.

Bibimbab at Core, Kreuzberg
Bibimbap, thoroughly mixed.

You can then order of a small menu consisting of Bibimbap either vegetarian or with beef, either with a sunny side-up egg or without. And then there are the daily specials, like a hot-pot with chicken and many other delicacies like the various sides. As a specialty, they offer Kimchi that is not only made with Nappa cabbage, but also the variety made from radish. Both for take-away. By now I’m sure you already know how healthy Kimchi is, loaded with vitamin C, it’s one of the strongest cold-remedies. And then Core also offers a big selection of teas, like the super-delicious nut-tea or a very good quince tea.
Everything at Core is fresh and home-made, glutamate-free and doesn’t use any other artificial additives. Wondrously, everything is prepared in the super-small place behind the ordering counter, which also serves as showcase, desk for cutlery and sauces and many other things. Good to know, you can also get everything as a take-away, if you don’t end up with seats.



Erkelenzdamm 45

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Kottbusser Tor

Opening Hours:

Mon–Fri 12:00–18:00


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  1. Alina Noir on


    I just moved to Berlin, and your blog is a great guide to the city! Thank you!

  2. Tinka on


    is that the same owner as the one in Pappelallee, or have they moved or is it just coincidence they have the same name? inquiring mind wants to know.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      it’s the same owners – they’ve got two locations now.

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