Food in NYC: Part 1

I am in New York for two weeks and sadly, I haven’t yet managed to experience a food-revelation in the big city. I’ve had good food, very good, but nothing as mind-boggling as the Thai food I had in London, for instance. Maybe that’s because I haven’t (yet) laid my focus on Asian food over here. Nevertheless, this is the first part of my very good food experiences.

The Hatch Burger with roasted green chilis  and American cheese, 11 Dollars
The Hatch Burger with roasted green chilis and American cheese, 11 Dollars

We went to Umami Burger, the LA Burger place I missed out on while being in California last year, that just recently opened a joint in NYC and thus it’s packed. But it’s not only because of its Californian fame, it’s also and first and foremost because it’s seriously good. The burgers, the fries, the salads, everything is just like I imagine it to be in a perfect fast-food world. Haven’t tried Shake Shack for now, but heard that Umami is a serious competitor to their role of being the best burger in town. And I believe it. (The only thing I didn’t like is the sweetness of the Brioche bun, which is something unavoidable if it’s a Brioche bun, I guess.)

eat nyc-7 eat nyc-6

Manousheh, sadly, it’s only a pop-up deli place offering Lebanese manousheh saj wraps since August on Kenmare Street. But those little things filled with Zaatar thyme spices, Jibneh cheese and vegetables are sooo tasty, one can only hope they’ll soon open up a permanent place!

Breakfast sandwich at The Butcher's Daughter

eat nyc-4
The Butcher’s Daughter has the best name, a great breakfast menu and a really cool website. It’s a vegetarian and dairy-free restaurant in the middle of LES and I enjoyed their breakfast sandwich with scrambled eggs and avocado a lot. The interior is very pretty as well, if it wasn’t for the annoying air conditioner making you leave your coat on. But that’s a general US-problem for Europeans.


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  1. Markus on


    Hi Mary, you should check out Juventino, it’s in Park Slope (a lovely area) and offers the perfect breakfast, all regional and organic:
    Asian: Momofuku Ssäm Bar
    Salt & Fat is supposed to be great.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      oh my, so much to eat, so little time…

  2. les on


    If you are bored and/or brave, go check out Dinastia (72nd between Columbus and Amsterdam). It is a no-frills Chino-Latino joint with a heavy linoleum vibe that serves up quite good food. (One must try the cracklin’ boneless chicken…) It’s a non-chic place that is not part of any food-hype culture, but oh how I do like it…

    Also, I recommend the DINER (Williamsburg) for their hamburgers, which are the best in NYC in my estimation.

    Welcome to my town.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      thanks, enjoying it very much!

  3. Peurling on


    Thanks for the Umami Burger review! And especially for the comparison to the London experience at The Begging Bowl – I will be doing both London & NYC in the next two weeks and it’s hard to get reliable reviews.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      very welcome, have fun!

      (I liked London better, foodwise. Don’t tell anyone.)

  4. david ramirez on


    HI Mary, across from the butchers daughter, there is a cocktail bar….they make the best cocktails ever, and the decor is kool, a bit berlin brooklyn on LES. dont remember name, but the service was top. try to go to the funky mexican trucks. mostly in brooklyn. if you want to see kool design go to MONDOCANE 174 Duane St, Tribeca, super kool design and objects. NARNIA vintage has an amazing selection of ethnic and kool clothes 161 Rivington Street . This is my favorite fashion shop of nyc MARYAM NASSIR 123 NORFOLK STREET, NEW YORK, 10002
    HOURS : 12-8, MON-SUN
    i hope your having fun.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I’ve seen it, looks great from the outside even!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      might manage to do so, thanks!

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