Food in NYC: Part Two

The first part about eating in New York City way written before I moved to Brooklyn, where everything just got better and I experienced some seriously good food moments. Although I must admit the cover photo of this article was taken in the Lower East Side, of all places, so this prejudice of Brooklyn being the better Manhattan is actually just a cliché. But have a look:

eat nyc-4We finally made it to The Mission Chinese, a Chinese restaurant I stumbled into when in San Francisco last year and although we did manage to order things so spicy, we couldn’t eat them, I still had extremely good memories of the food. In New York it’s located in the Lower Eastside and considerably different from the San Francisco Joint, think more hipster than typical run-down deli, more air-conditioning and loud pop music and younger waiters. But the food is equally good. This time, we didn’t go for the dishes marked with two chillis, which are so hot, they make my mouth turn sour, but chose a range of cold starters and the mapo ramen. All of which was delicious.

eat nyc-2Roberta’s Pizza in Bushwick, Brooklyn was recommended to me several times and it is so very good. The pizza is actually so good, its deliciousness manages to surpass other faults of this very noisy (why is the music so loud in New York’s restaurants?), very cold (air-conditioned to the max), crowded and dark place. Hence, the bad pictures. I can only guess how stellar the pizza must taste when enjoyed in a warm, bright, cosy and quiet place. Which is not Roberta’s on a Saturday night.

eat nyc-3Here we go, another really bad picture of an otherwise super-delicious dinner I had at Marlow & Sons, where they thankfully followed our wish to turn down the loud music so we wouldn’t have to scream at each other. This place is more than just a restaurant, with an attached store, another Diner and store around the corner and a long history of founding the fame of farm to table, new American kitchen, it’s a kind of must-go place when in Brooklyn. And the visit is very worth it, we had delicious focaccia, olives, salad and brick chicken. Sadly, they don’t take reservations and the place is not very big and filled even on Sunday night, so better get there early.

eat nyc-1Saltie is a cute little sandwich place on Metropolitan Avenue that’s a perfect place to have lunch before hitting Bedford Avenue for shopping (don’t miss Bird and Amarcord Vintage). Pictured is the Clean Slate with humus and bulgur, and it’s good to keep a little space left because just next to Saltie is a branch of Momofuku Milk where you should get a Compost Cookie.

eat nyc-6Last but not least, Mast Brothers, whose chocolate bars in pretty stationery packages you’ll find all over the city in the nicest stores. Their factory and main selling point is located just off Bedford Avenue (of course) and it’s an experience in itself going there, inhaling the chocolate scents and then spend a lot of money on the cute bars.


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  1. eliette on


    oh, glad you made it to roberta’s. was going to recommend it but i assume most people make the pilgrimage these days. you can maybe save your shake shack until the airport if you’re flying with delta, otherwise don’t miss it. everyone calls me crazy but the vegetarian burger is seriously delicious (and i’m not a vegetarian, i just prefer it).

    i recommend indulging in an all-american favorite of pie at four and twenty blackbirds in park slope. their pie is amazing. also, baked in red hook has great sweets and i hope you tried a brownie at mast brothers, they’re outrageous. finally, you ought to go to fette sau.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      thanks for your tips, there’s still so much to eat, but so little time.. but going to red hook today!

  2. Lara Maria on


    I must say this time, I was a little disappointed in the food tips, since all of them were very mainstream. I was especially disappointed of Robertas Pizza. When we went there the pizza was so burned, that we actually gave it back and asked for a new one. The other one was so heavily covered with cheese, that you couldn’t taste anything else. On the third one there was a hair on the pizza. So this place really isn’t anything to recommend, but one of those typical New York hyped places, that’s just not worth eating at.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      everyone got different experiences, I’ve only heard good things about roberta’s and have been really convinced when I went there myself.

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