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Simon&Me copper bracelet

Being open only Saturdays and located in the southern streets of Kreuzberg 61, visiting SIMON&ME has to be more of a plan than one’s usual Mitte shopping stroll. But it’s definitely worth making your way over to this little concept store, where only things made in Germany are sold.

Shop of Simon&Me
Simon&Me compass

The range of goods at SIMON&ME is as small as its location’s floor plan. Copper bracelets, a compass and a beautiful comb are among the products offered under the label SIMON&ME and are showcased next to other carefully chosen manufacturers. Owner Simon Freund is in no hurry to grow, instead his focus is on a slow evolvement with products whose design and production process is as convincing as it is consequent and sustainable. Before starting this concept, his brand produced and sold quickly designed printed shirts, and while it certainly paid the bills, Simon found no satisfaction in this kind of work. However, slower product development and elaborate production processes make it necessary to find other financial support, which is why Simon also works as a sales person in a Mitte shop, and thus can only work on his brand and open his shop on weekends. But hey, why hurry?

Simon&Me bag Simon&Me comb

Although his portfolio is small, his offered goods already enjoy great popularity – his bracelets, bags, compasses, combs and shirts are sold in Amsterdam, London and Vienna – and in Berlin at Voo Store and Supergrau.
Be sure to also check out SIMON&ME’s blog, where they present brands, shops and designs they like.



Fidicinstraße 17

10965 Berlin Kreuzberg

Platz der Luftbrücke

Opening Hours:

Sat 12:00–18:00


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