Update: Warm Up!

Warm Up, the clothing donation event in support of Kältehilfe Berlin happening at Voo is only a couple of days (!) away. On Sunday you’ll have the chance to donate your winter clothing for the good cause and win amazing prices by sponsors like Mykita, Nike and Aesop. If you haven’t heard about this event, here are more information and here are some updates:

In between excitement and roaming my own closet, some final decisions had to be made. We’ve been thinking a lot about how to give away the lottery tickets and this is what we consider the fairest solution – 500g of winter clothing will give you one ticket.
In several test-weighings, 500g turned out to be a fair number, since a woolen sweater weighs around 500g, boots usually a kilo and coats can come up to 1,5 kilos. Don’t fret, we’ll have a professional and exact scale to weigh your donations and will certainly be generous when it comes to rounding things up.

Some asked whether it’s possible to donate clothing already before Sunday and we are happy to tell you, you’ll be able to bring your donations to Voo from Friday on, we will then deliver them to Kältehilfe. Unfortunately, you’ll be only able to take part in the lottery with donations made on Sunday. This is due to organizational reasons.

Looking forward to see you and all your clothes on Sunday!


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  1. Elisa on



  2. lina on


    no thats not correct: kältehilfe is a network of many institutions.
    on institution is berliner stadtmission, but there are other institutions also stakeholders.

    here you can find the whole offers of asssitance
    but they not organized by Stadtmission, they organized by ther own.
    and there are a lot of more projcts they need support, by volontairs, by clothes, by food.

    wish you many acces with your action.
    all the best,

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      The event already happened and we collected over 1700kg of clothing which where picked up by Kältehilfe’s Kältebus and brought to their center at Lehrter Bahnhof: https://www.stilinberlin.de/2013/11/recap-warm-up.html from where they are spread to the institutions

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