Best of: The most read articles of 2013

The most popular Berlin picture on my instagram this year.

Is it just me or did the second half of 2013 go by in what felt like two seconds? Wasn’t it just summer? Inevitably, the year is over. And despite some minor and major confusions, it’s been a good year I’d say. Not only for me personally, but for this blog as well. The food section turned out to be the most popular, is by now kind of dominating all the others and had a grand finale in December’s first Berlin’s Best Bread competition. But shopping at the independent Berlin boutiques is still on our list, as is local fashion and art, and then there was the tremendously successful clothing donation event Warm Up!
I am also very glad you readers welcomed a new author, Toby Ashraf, presenting small films in his column Discover This (don’t miss his best of 2013 films list here!).

2014 will see some changes for this very blog (as every year), you might meet new authors and new topics, nevertheless, the focus will stay the same: portray Berlin in all its contemporary beauty.

Guten Rutsch and Happy New Year!

Fuck for Forest
Copyright: Neue Visionen Filmverleih

– 1. The FUCK FOR FOREST film review by Toby Ashraf –
I am more than happy that an article of one of my dearest new additions to this blog this year is also the most read article of 2013. Although I am very aware this is not necessarily thanks to the outstanding quality of Toby Ashraf’s writings on film, but thanks to countless search hits for explicit scenes in this documentary. Just to let you know, all of them are actually in the trailer – which you can see here.

Berlin Summer Guide 2013
– 2. The ever popular SUMMER GUIDE –

Summer is the best time in Berlin, by far. And the summer guide is a regular on the most-read list. The summer of 2013 was actually amazing, one of the best I can remember, don’t you agree?

Bouncy Castle
– 3. The odd yet beautiful BOUNCY CASTLE –

There was a big white bouncy castle in Berlin this summer, the artist William Forsythe placed it in Schöneberg’s Naturpark. And as amazing as this thing was, the amazement of you readers for that thing was still surprising – this quickly conceived article crowned by rather poor iphoneography hit over 2300 Facebook likes and was the third most viewed this year. But then, it was a big white bouncy castle.

Berlin Winter Guide
– 4. The long overdue WINTER GUIDE –

2013 was also the year of the first Berlin Winter Guide, and due to the ever spreading hopelessness Berliners have to face during this grim season it was obviously much needed.

Berlin Street Food Thursday
– 5. The foodie heaven called STREET FOOD THURSDAY –

Without a doubt, the best addition to the Berlin foodie scene. 2014 will hopefully be the year this concept spreads throughout the whole city, making it possible to enjoy delicious and original food by young and creative entrepreneurs every day.

Guide to Mulackstraße
– 6. The GUIDE to the most fashionable street in Mitte: MULACKSTRASSE –

Mulackstraße is as fashionable as it gets in Mitte, side-to-side original and exciting fashion stores line the small street and I’d say all the good ones are in this guide.

Porn Film Festival Berlin
– 7. The inevitable PORN FILM FESTIVAL in the words of Toby Ashraf – 

The high viewer numbers of this article might just be rooted in the same reason as the No 1 of this list – yet who would complain if this brings an important Berlin institution to attention?

Guide Torstraße Berlin
– 8. The  GUIDE to the longest street of Mitte: TORSTRASSE –

Mitte is the most fashionable district of Berlin, and although other districts are trying, nothing beats this very long and rather ugly mile of cool.

The Bird Burger Berlin
– 9. The burgers at THE BIRD described by Florian Duijsens –

If I would care solely about numbers, this blog would feature burgers and coffee only. Still, the burgers at The Bird are delicious (except the veggie version) and deserve all the praise and long waiting lines.

Maryam Zaree at Home
– 10. The MARYAM ZAREE home story – 

Admittedly, the At Home section of this blog somewhat died out in the second half of 2013 due to the hyper-popularity of the home story format throughout the web. But when viewing this actress’ story again, I start reconsidering my decision to abandon the homes…