Bibimbap in Berlin: Mercosy

bibimbap at mercosy, Kreuzberg, berlin

There’s no shortage of Bibimbap in Kreuzberg 36, as I was happy to realize. There’s not only Core, but also Mercosy – the latter being a bit more spacious and offering more places to sit and thus a safer option for a not-too-long lunch break and an insatiable desire for a mixture of rice, vegetables and hot sauce.

By now, all of you must about the curing character that enjoying a Bibimbap in this grim weather can and will have. It’s a comfort food in the best sense – healthy ingredients are mixed together (the mixing itself is part of the comfort-food-experience, I think) and then enjoyed with a thoroughly warming chili sauce.

Mercosy also got an almost unbeatable offer for lunch: Bibimbap is served with a barley tea, a small miso soup and an iced tea for just and only 6,50 Euros. Oh these Kreuzberg prices…



Dresdener Straße 11

10999 Berlin Kreuzberg

Kottbusser Tor

Opening Hours:

Wed–Fri 12:00–23:00 (Business Lunch 12:00–17:00)
Tue, Sat 17:00–23:00


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  1. Moritz on


    given the way you present and post this, do not expect these prices to stay as there they are.

  2. Katharina on


    that looks delicious! I’m getting hungry …
    I love your blog, it’s amazing. Very inspiring, thanks! <3

    Katharina from Katinka

  3. Laura on


    Mmmmm….. soo delicious

  4. Christian on


    i was very very disappointed by the bibimbap – 1 star out of 5!

  5. Thesilencetaster on


    Very very bad choice of “localized” Bibimbap. I brought my friend over because we wanted to try some authentic Korean food. Unfortunately we were very very disappointed.

  6. kalo on


    i was also very disappointed by the bibimbap there…worst one i had so far in berlin, and i tried a lot. no kimchi but a cheap hot sauce… sad! the vegies didnt really taste like anything, and the rice i got was only 2/3 cooked… for this price i expect more. definitely not going back :-(

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      sorry you had a bad experience.. sometimes they do have an up and down quality-wise, and yes, their bibimbap is a very free interpretation of the classic. however, i do enjoy it very much and i’ve had it multiple times

  7. Avyn on


    Just tried this place under your recommendation. I took my boyfriend, my korean boyfriend, with me and we were extremely disappointed. The food was bland and and tasty at best like salty water, and at worst like sweet salty water. It is impolite to call this Korean food, and it leads me to mistrust your other recommendations

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Hey Avyn, that sounds quite harsh, sorry you had a bad experience. As said in the comments before, this is a free interpretation of Bibimbap. However, I haven’t been in a while (the article is from Dec 2013, I have been multiple times until this spring, and have always liked it), so I can’t say anything about it now. To be precise, I liked it as a quick and easy, yet comforting lunch, as said in the article. It is not high Korean cuisine, though. Oh, and maybe you find the time to test some more places recommended on this site and let me regain your trust ;)

  8. Susanne on


    The Bibimbap there was really good, maybe the best I had so far!

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