Vodka in Berlin: Berliner Winter

Berliner winter hot apple drink

It’s as if I’ve asked for this weather to write about this Berlin delicacy, trust me, I have not. But this suggestion is certainly making it easier to accept the first storms and snow. It’s like a simple Berlin version of a hot apple toddy, or a better Glühwein – nevertheless, it’s seriously delicious and will make you warm and jolly.

Berlin Winter hot apple juice with spices and vodka

It carries the most appropriate name, Berliner Winter, and is advertised with the illustration of a handsome dude with beanie and moustache carrying a wooden box of apples from Streuobstwiesen, a traditionally farmed, organic orchard.
Berliner Winter consists of apple juice, spices and Vodka and is supposed to be enjoyed hot, not boiling hot, because who would want to get rid of the alcohol in these depressing winter days?

It was conceived, so it is told, during rough Berlin winter nights in an unknown bar and is now produced seasonly (there’s also a Berliner Sommer with lime and woodruff). You can buy your own bottle at Voo Store and The Barn or enjoy it at many bars in Berlin – see this list for all vendors


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    That’s like a Glühwein for hipsters! ;)

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