Berlin’s Best Bread: Weichardt Brot

Do you remember our little Berlin’s Best Bread tasting last December? And the winner in the dark bread category? It was the Spezial by Weichardt Brot made on the premises of this Wilmersdorf bakery with a long history of organic bread. Starting out with selling organic whole grain breads in front of Waldorf kindergardens in the 70s, the family Weichardt had a huge influence on organic baking in Berlin since they started the first whole-grain and Demeter organic bakery in the city. With only four own shops and three market stalls, all but one  (Thursday’s organic market on Kollwitzplatz) out West, Weichardt’s bread is not necessarily easy to get if you live on the Eastern side of Tiergarten, but especially their main shop including the bakery and mill is very much worth the travel.

Flour mills
Weichardt’s mills just next door to the bakery shop.

Located in a small street in Wilmersdorf, the main bakery and mill are just next to each other and both welcome visits from customers. The bakery shop itself has a very charming grandma-like interior and hasn’t changed since they started here in 1980. An exceptional feature is the mill just next door, where the flour is ground daily from Demeter grains on three natural stone mills. Weichardt uses whole grain flour only and raises its own sourdough using Backferment, which is a natural fermentation based on lactic acid bacteria and is thus better tolerated by some.

Stone oven
Weichardt’s stone oven.
stilinberlin weichardt brot-1975

Just behind the shop is the bakery, where all baked goods as well as cakes and confectionary is made, it’s busiest at night when two shifts prepare all breads for the four shops as well as the markets and the deliveries to selected organic shops. With almost 30 employees doing the baking, grinding and sales, it’s still a rather small team with many working for them since the beginning. Despite its excellent reputation and facilities, Weichardt usually has problems finding talented trainees interested in the baking trade.

stilinberlin weichardt brot-1982 stilinberlin weichardt brot-1958

Besides bread, cakes and rolls, and very German sweet treats like Schweinsohren, Spritzgebäck and various Plunder the shop also sells a variety of their own Müsli, Zwieback, Knäckebrot, wheat and spelt graham, flours, whole grains and much more. You can even have a quiche or coffee and tea in the little shop. As I said, it’s worth the travel.

stilinberlin weichardt brot-1977 stilinberlin weichardt brot-1954 stilinberlin weichardt brot-1959
Weichardt Brot

Weichardt Brot

Mehlitzstraße 7

10715 Berlin Wilmersdorf


Opening Hours:

Mo–Fri 7:30–18:30
Sat 7:30–14:00


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  1. Luisa on


    And if you get there early enough, you can attempt to buy a slice of their Schoko-Sahne Torte, which is insanely wonderful, like a cool cloud of chocolate on a thin, crisp base. It’s the cake Herr Weichardt has been making since he was a young baker’s apprentice and with which he wooed his wife! (Says he.)

  2. Sylee on


    Love this place. Their eclairs are exquisite too. Luisa, that Torte story is so sweet!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Maybe we should all meet up there for a piece of that Torte?

  3. Fizi on


    Great story!

  4. creme berlin on


    One of my all time favorites since years! I really love this bakery!

  5. Daria Morova on


    Interesting read … love your discovery trips through West Berlin

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