Berlin’s Best Burger: Voting #1

Oh my, what a night. Burgers & Hip Hop united two things so alike in a food and music bash at Prince Charles. People came, had burgers, and voted.  So many people in fact, that the line was actually ridiculous and we hope we can make some changes so no one, or at least not too many have to wait for their meal for hours in the freezing cold.

Thank you all for joining the first public vote to find Berlin’s Best Burger, the results are in. And they’re surprising – who would’ve thought first and second place would go to CHICKEN burgers? Certainly not me, but it was very well earned – see the whole list below!

And some side notes – this vote will be repeated throughout the year with the respective winners coming together in a burger-show-off end of this year.
In case you’re owning a burger joint in Berlin and want to take part in the next Berlin’s Best Burger voting, send us a mail to and we’ll give you information on how to join Burgers & Hip Hop!
The real winner of this vote, with an amazing 5,0 points straight, were Zwei Dicke Bären’s ice cream sandwiches. I mean, of course.
And, as we heard, hopes are high that all-over-forever-and-ever burger fav The Bird might be joining next time.

stilinberlin berlins best burger brot und zeit-1938

4,6 of 5 possible points:
One of the most complex burgers, and thanks to its grilled bun one of the least burger-ish looking made the cut with a great result of 4,6 points! People praised not only the presentation, but mostly the well balanced and complex flavors.
Description: Grilled sourdough roll, braised bio chicken, lemon and chili flavored creme double sauce, homemade pickled cucumbers and radish slices in beetroot juice, homemade sambal salsa, fresh mint and rocket salad, grated cheese and sweet apricot mustard.

stilinberlin berlins best burger santa maria-1948

4,3 of 5 possible points
Kavita, master-mind behind Burgers & Hip Hop, would’ve bet all her money on this one and indeed Piri’s Chicken was popular thanks to its “amazing special sauce” as one voter called it.
Description: lightly breaded chicken breast, whole-egg mayonnaise, melted monterrey jack cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce and homemade piri-piri chili sauce on a freshly baked sesame seed burger bun.

stilinberlin berlins best burger mogg melzer-1921

4,2 of 5 possible points
Mogg & Melzer’s MIGHTY RUEBEN
Pastrami and Sauerkraut seem to be a hard-to-beat combo, resulting in a very good third place for this Mitte deli. People loved the NYC feel to it.

stilinberlin berlins best burger the buns mobile-1920

4,14 of 5 possible points
Definitely taking the award for the best burger name home, this one was praised for its bun, obviously.
Description: filled with marinated braised pork, slaw, gouda & BBQ sauce.

Looking way better  here.
Looking way better here.

4,11 of 5 possible points
Still scoring very high, yet the chef already uttered his disappointment in his cooking performance. But then, it reached over four stars with most people being very happy with its deliciousness.
Description: SousVide cooked beef with caramelized and bourbonglazed onions, Bulgarian soft Feta, pickled cucumbers and taco chips.

stilinberlin berlins best burger kimchi princess-1942

3,96 of 5 possible points
This one received loads of love, but at the same time some criticized the spiciness and garlic. I guess if you don’t like Kimchi, this one’s just not for you.
Description: Bulgogi Kimchi Burger, mixed-minced meat marinated so-bulgogi style, Kimchi, salad and tomatoes with Korean gochujang mayonaise. Vegetarian version the same but with a veggie patty.

stilinberlin berlins best burger cont food lab-1933 stilinberlin berlins best burger cont food lab-1928

3,90 of 5 possible points
Considering none of these burgers were ever awarded 1 points and only rarely people gave out the 2, this one might be last of the list but is obviously still very delicious. The red buns were a winner, that’s for sure.
Description: Braised beef in beetroot juice, raw beetroot salad with star anis and orange, grilled bacon, peanut pesto and mustard.
Vegetarian version: raw marinated mushroom with bergamot and basil, roasted mushrooms with cinnamon and coffee, grilled Mozzarella di bufala


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  1. Danielle on


    The night was good but the music could have been better honestly, I use the term ‘Hip Hop’ loosely for the music that was played. That being said the food was amazing and the venue was awesome!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      True! We’re working on that :)

  2. A on


    all looks great, eager to try them all! there is, however, the tiny issue of there being only 1 burger on this list. i could put a loose sock on a round bun with some lettuce but that wouldn’t make it a burger.

    1. G on

      I absolutely agree with you. That’s what most people understand as a burger: “a flat round cake of minced beef that is fried or grilled and typically served in a bread roll; a hamburger” [].

  3. Salvatore on


    For me, this one is the best burger in Berlin: “Fräulein Burger” (

    1. Henrik Lundin on

      Yeah, Fräulein Burger is my favorite place as well!



    Hello Burger Lovers,
    Just one thing! Kimchi was like … overrated. I thaught this Burger will rock my world. In the end i’ve firstly was blinded by the garbage besides the fresh salad followed by an unkindly prepared Burger. Served with in plastic box. Soo enviroment friendly. The medium (liked) garlic patti was topped by the sourly whatever!
    Unfortunately i’ve had no chicken Burger.
    Flavour Flame was execpt of less BBQ Sauce the best.
    The Combo with Hip Hop was nice!

    Summary: i’m looking forward to the next Burger battles. This Event fullfill my Burger being… Big up and thanks!!!

  5. ollie on


    sorry, but have to agree with A. only one of these is actually a burger, and… it seems these were done only for this contest, which sort of defeats the purpose of best burger in berlin if in fact it was made as a one time thing for this competition.

  6. Dave on


    Tommi’s burger joint will be opening in Berlin (Invalidenstraße) soon… amazing burgers!

  7. Benedikt on


    Geht ihr auch noch ins The Pub? Der “England-Royal” ist der Oberhammer, müsst irh mal probieren!

  8. BBQ King on


    Was hat dieser hochkomplexe Sandwich-Quatsch mit Burgern zu tun?

  9. Daan on


    The Kimchi Burger was not overrated, it was one of the best burgers in general. Good meat and fresh ingredients. For me this was the best burger of the night!!

  10. L on


    I agree with the below comments on the lack of burgers. This looks more like a sandwich competition..?

  11. angry burger man on


    Ow come on! This is so lame! these are all damn popups! I came here hungover looking for some fresh juicy burgers to eat right now! What about all the full legit burger emporiums serving high quality freshness all damn day long. These guys are the unsung heros of the burger industry- i am talking about you, Burger AMT, toilet burger (burger Miester), The Bird even Yo Yos for the smelly hippies! Can we please get a review of these places! Sure, support the shitty popups, great job, but who the hell knows when and where these places will be? Their inaccessibility is a major minus for the hungover burger seeker.

  12. mitch on


    Well, the Kimchi burger scored last, so it wasn’t overrated. ;)

    But it really wasn’t a good tasting burger. Way too much garlic and the worst bread I’ve ever had on a burger. Even the McDonalds bread taste better.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to the next round and hope for more real burger, instead of all those Hippie-Sandwich burgers….

    And more real Hip Hop please! :)

  13. Ben on


    FYI for anyone that goes chasing the Mighty Ruben at Mogg & Melzer… the burger version doesn’t actually exist. They do however do a sandwich version and it’s amazing.

  14. Rob on


    Burgers were great. The music really sucked. More real Hip Hop, less 90’s Pop & Danceflor Bullshit and we’ll have the best party in the city.

  15. Chad on


    Are any of these burgers? They seem to be sandwiches. The best burger is made of chicken, not beef. It is a chicken sandwich not a burger. Let’s just call things what they are.

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