Bibimbap in Berlin: Cooking Papa

Bibimbap in Berlin

I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to go out West to have a Bibimbap, there are very fine options on this side of Tiergarten. Still, I am looking for more than that, maybe even a full-on Korean dinner with the table bending because of all the delicious sides, kimchi variations, steamed eggs, soybeans and the likes. So I went West, and what I found was a delicious Bibimbap.

Ramyoen at Cooking Papa
Ramyoen soup with vegetables.

Most good things in Asian food in Berlin are centered around Kantstraße, that’s known, so I was putting my hopes on this very white restaurant on Wilmersdorfer Straße. The menu sounded promising as well, and the service was exceptionally friendly, in the end though, it was an up- and down quality wise. While the steamed vegetarian dumplings (4,50 Euro) were a bit too bland and sticky for my taste, the kimchi and spinach were really good. Especially the spinach was just fresh and dressed with the right amount of sesame sauce and the Kimchi balanced sour and spicy just the way I like it. And then while the noodle soup (6 Euro) was again just too bland, the Bibimbap (8,50 Euro) was delicious. Served in a hot stone pot, the rice was still sizzling and thus developing this nice crunchy crust on the bottom, that blends in so well once you mix the whole thing through. And take a look at the pretty fried egg on top of it, with the hot sauce so picture-perfectly poured below the yolk (how did they do that!?). With the hot sauce, the pickled cucumbers, spinach, carrots and even more kimchi, this is perfect comfort food, should you find yourself in the area on an ice-cold day (like today).

I also heard from others that Cooking Papa serves a very good Kimchi Chigae, a soup made of Kimchi and pork belly, which makes sense considering the quality and deliciousness of their pickled cabbage. Definitely a reason to come back.

But what’s your favorite Korean restaurant in Berlin? Who has the best Ramyoen? Where is the table bending thanks to a plenty of sides?

Cooking Papa

Cooking Papa

Wilmersdorfer Straße 72

10629 Berlin Wilmersdorf


Opening Hours:

Mon–Thu 12:00–15:00, 17:00–22:00
Fri–Sat 12:00–22:00


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  1. pinpin on


    the ramyeon looks very much like an instant one to me (noodles, broth..) topped with some fresh veggies…. korea haus in wedding in pretty good!

    1. Hippie on

      I absolutely agree with you. That noodles look like instant noodles which you can get for 40 cent in Vinhloi supermarket.

  2. Monica on


    Ixthies! Super best one! In Front of the Winterfeldsplatz

  3. Patty on


    Yuki in Prenzlauer Berg. Is not too bad also. Kind of interesting fusion kitchen goes at Kochu Karu.
    Cheers Patricia

  4. Siobhan on


    Try Abonim a relatively new Korean restaurant for no frills authentic Korean cooking. It’s the sister restaurant to Omoni but serving more authentic Korean dishes and a little less sushi. Would recommend the bibimbab there too!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      It’s so funny how you sometimes hear about the same place loads in a short time – Just recently Omoni was recommended to me, but for sushi – will try both asap, thank you!

  5. jimmij on


    For me the best bibimbap is at Ixthys, the best overall Korean restaurant experience is at Madang.

  6. Philipp on


    Try Hanok – Kurfürstendamm 134, 10711 Berlin – very good Korean in Wilmersdorf!

  7. Jenny on


    Well, for the comment about “instant moodles”, I just wanted to add some details;
    I have been to many korean restaurants and I am very sure that they will present it as “ramyun”, which is an instant noodle soup.andyes, it is the instantnoodle that you can buy atany asian store- yet it’s cooked and served at a restautant- so it will be served at a far higher price than for how much you can get it for.
    No personal remarks, I just wanted people to know before they make any comments about it being inappropriate to serve at a restaurant- since I too, was first surprised to see ramyun(instant noodle soup) on the menu.

  8. Sean on


    thank you for the recommendation. I had bulgogi there today. I thought it was excellent. It wasn’t too sweet as I have found at other Berlin Korean places but could have been spicier. The kimchi was perfect. I will go back.

  9. Ola on


    Maru in Friedrichshain is great!

  10. Christian on


    What – no one mentions Kimchi Princess? Let me do it!

  11. jimmij on


    Kimchi Princess is really bad in my opinion. There are so many better options.

  12. Vanessa on


    Best bibimbap in my opinion – and i´ve tried plenty – is at Ixhtys, it may not look like something you´d stop for food initially, but man, it´s worth doing so. Usually pretty crowded, but wait a few minutes and you´ll be so happy you did. Try it.

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