Cafés in Berlin: Two and Two

matcha latte at two and two cafe, Neukölln

Although this year’s Berlin winter is, luckily, not as grey nor as cold as we’re used to, my occasional chocolate craving is as present as ever and the place that fulfills it best is Two and Two, a hidden treasure trove in the streets of Neukölln.

Illusrated menu at Two and Two Cafe, Berlin Neukölln
The illustrated menu of Two and Two
Financiers at Two and Two Cafe, Berlin Neukölln

Sit down and order a ‘French hot chocolate’, a cup of melted dark chocolate served with steamed milk on the side to fill it up to your liking, keep it short for super intense cacao flavor, or add loads for a long enjoyment. Sip by sip it’ll warm your heart, as does the smell of freshly baked Madeleines (coming right out of the oven, if you’re lucky).

Madeleines at Two and Two Berlin Neukölln

Originally from Paris and Tokyo, the two friends Eri and Tose made their dream come true when they opened their own café after getting to know each other over a cup of coffee. Without any experience, they jumped into the adventure of German bureaucracy and accounting. Just a little over a year old the little café is defined by the love both owners put into it – if it’s the chitchat with customers, the lovely display of chosen Japanese stationery or the fact that from time to time, they invite friends over to cook their favorite recipes.

Caramelized Walnuts at Two and Two Cafe, Berlin Neukölln
Japanese caramelized walnuts
Stationary at Two and Two, Berlin Neukölln

Besides homemade baked pastries like Cannelés or Financier, the daily menu varies between traditional Tartes and Quiches and delicious treats like Korumi Kokuto and Matcha cookies.

With the combination of French cuisine and Japanese stationery, Two and Two brings back a coffee (and hot chocolate) culture that invites you to sit down with a cup, take your time to let your thoughts wander and write them down into a notebook – and this is how every inspiring story starts.

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Text: Jessica Jungbauer
Photos: Mary Scherpe

Two and Two

Two and Two

Pannierstraße 6

12047 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Mon–Sun 10:00–18:30


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  1. astarix on


    “Vintage pencils”, eh? The end is nigh.

  2. StreetLounge on


    It looks very good, unfortunately this is not my favorite neighborhood… :D ;)

  3. Hotaru Smith on


    As a native speaker of English and Japanese, I am disappointed in content and language alike – “Just a little over a year old, customers feel the love both put into their café ” – so, the costumers are that young? Why do you spell quiches with a capital letter, why is half of the cards you show definitely not Japanese, and why does the overall content seem so insignificant? What you basically do is take pictures with a shallow depth of field and add a few lines of small talk. Journalism and art go further than that, you should really dig deeper instead of half-assing it.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Dear Hotaru, the sentence you mentioned was indeed a little bumpy due to faulty editing, hope you forgive that.
      The post is meant to support a small and young, yet beautiful and ambitious café in Neukölln with some pictures and short lines of text. We didn’t intend to present an investigative piece on the Japanese-French Café scene of Neukölln, just a friendly recommendation to make a visit if you’re in the area and crave some hot chocolate.

    2. Neil on

      Hey Hotaru,
      What are “costumers?”
      Learn to spell before you try to edit the work of others.

    3. guest on

      jesus christ, chill out. it’s a blog post about a cafe.

    4. Mariusz on

      > Journalism
      > Blog post about a café

      Does not compute.

  4. Ileana on


    OMG! I really wanna go there…looks so cute ^^


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