Discover This: The Strange Little Cat

Copyright: Peripher

With a strange family lived a strange little cat in an apartment it never left.

There would be an orange peel falling on the floor.

And there would be hairs in the milk.

Copyright: Peripher
Copyright: Peripher

The washing machine would break but then be repaired by someone.

Also, someone else had thrown up on the street, it seemed. And there was a rat.

And they would all be in the apartment eventually.

Mother, daughter, father, grandmother, son, and everyone else.

Copyright: Peripher
Copyright: Peripher

The daughter would scream as long as the electric coffee machine would grind the coffee which would annoy the mother.

People would come and go and often you would just see parts of them.

They would come and go as if they were dancers, practically waiting for their cue and then dancing on the stage on this Saturday and perform their little numbers. Come, go, come, stay, go.

Copyright: Peripher
Copyright: Peripher

Take with them the bottles. And then put them in this machine that would crush the plastic.

The little girl, the one that screamed every time the coffee machine would grind the coffee, wrote a shopping list with practically every item misspelled.

The older sister would smoke a cigarette out of the window and a ball would come flying in.

Something would always be moving.

Copyright: Peripher
Copyright: Peripher

Some films are just too strange and beautiful to explain them. The Strange Little Cat is one of them. I just read a friend’s advice: “Don’t read anything about it beforehand, just go see it!” That’s what I did. So I decided not to write anything about it, for you to just go and see it. And just write down some simple phrases in simple English and try to seduce you to watch a film I have by now watched three times and could watch over and over again. A film like no other film you have seen before. Surely. A strange little film. A magical little film. The Strange Little Cat.

Watch the strange little trailer: Here.

The Strange Little Cat (Das merkwürdige Kätzchen), Germany 2013, 72 min.

director/ writer/ editor: Ramon Zürcher, cinematography: Alexander Haßkerl, actors: Jenny Schily, Anjorka Strechel, Luk Pfaff, Matthias Dittmer, Armin Marewski, languages: German, distributor: Peripher

Berlin screenings: Hackesche Höfe, Fsk (special screening with many guests including director Ramon Zürcher at Fsk, Saturday, 04.01. at 7.45 pm)

Discover This! is a weekly Berlin–based film comment.

We give away two tickets for the special screening on Saturday at Fsk if you submit the most original picture of a strange little cat. Send an email to, deadline is today, Friday 03.01., 6 pm.


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