Looking for: Berlin’s Best Burger

After finding Berlin’s Best Bread past December, ideas were spinning in our heads how to continue Berlin’s Best. Naturally, we’re taking up an even bigger challenge and will attempt to find Berlin’s Best Burger this year. And by saying “we”, I actually mean “you”. Instead of assembling a high-class foodie jury to judge on the softness of buns or crispness of patties, I hand over the decision to a public vote. Which means you will be judging this.

We’re teaming up with one of the best fast foodie events there currently is – Burgers & Hip Hop – where excellent burger makers convene to bring you the finest grilled meat and are joined by DJs* playing Hip Hop. Sounds perfect? It certainly is. So come and join us this Saturday from 5pm at Prince Charles at Moritzplatz, have one (or more) burgers, rate them on our voting sheets and exercise your democratic right!

The results will be shown on this very blog coming Monday. The voting will be repeated during the Burgers & Hip Hop events this year with a final of the best of 2014 at the end of this year, where we shall find the bestest burger in town.

Can’t wait.

*Besides the real DJs, Florian and I will take over the decks (with our laptop) from 5 to 6.30pm.


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  1. Fredi on


    Best Burger in Berlin: The Bird.
    The End. :)

  2. Rob on


    There is no such thing as a really good burger in berlin! The Bird is highly overrated!

  3. Julian on


    macht bald auf: http://burgerjoint.de/

    wirklich mit abstand der beste burger der stadt. wenn du magst für ich dich schon mal aus…

  4. jube on


    I would definitely recommend “Rebel Room” in Wedding (Müllerstr./Seestr.)! Everything is homemade with love, fresh and delicious. The patties and buns are 100% bio. They also offer a vegetarian Burger and it’s excellent value for money.

  5. Fatboy on


    I tested all Burgers in Berlin & my favorite is http://www.fraeuleinburger.de @ Koppenplatz in Mitte … and it is 100% organic ! 
    Second place comes to Berliner Burger International @ Pannier Str. 5 in Neukölln.

  6. Nadia on


    Zsazsa Burger is the BEST !! The Bird is ok too, but Zsazsa Burger is amazing!



    Hey burger lovers,
    I’ve tried several burgers in Berlin and please taste @ first Yellow Burger Manufaktur in Schönhauser Allee.
    BBI in Panierstrasse is also a good adress. I will surely visit some locations which are written in this blogg.

    Stay burgered :-)

  8. DocDaeniel on


    ZsaZsa-Burger in Motzstreet is offering Burger in a absolutely highclass quality with always perfect fries and amazing sidedishes. Highly recommendable!

  9. Toby on


    the Volta Burger!

    and I´ve really been to a lot of Burger places, and i thought Burgermeister and Berlin Burger International were the best, but this one tops all of them. Also the atmosphere there is amazing, a small jewell in Wedding. Good service, good music, great cocktails, stylish… and they serve fries with lemon-rosemary-salt..yuuuumy
    new fav! https://www.facebook.com/v4volta

  10. Frank E. on


    I’ve tried:
    Yellow Burger (Prenzlberg) – nice burger ; so lala fries ; tiny restaurant (2 tables)
    Burgermeister (Friedrichshain) – excellent burger; large variety; good fries; enough space and a good service
    Tartane (Mitte) – good burger but small variety (4 alternatives); small portions of fries; so lala service; pricy
    Burger de Ville (Zoologischer Garten) – excellent and fancy burger and fries (e.g. rosemary fries); but outdoor-location
    The Pub, (Mitte)- excellent burger; so lala fries; big restaurant; good service; pricy

  11. Cate on


    I loooove 3 veuves down in Wilmersdorf (not the place people are usually heading for…); Marienburger is great, too, especially for their Neuland meat. And you can have every burger as a “baby burger” (which means you can have those delicious fries, too).

    Waiting impatiently for the results of this burger contest…

    Love your website, by the way.

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      thank you :) and what are the names of the wilmersdorf burger places?!

    2. Cate on

      The burger place in Wilmersdorf I am referring to (because I really love it) is called

      3 Veuves


  12. Gina on


    Frittiersalon in Friedrichshain is my favourite burger place!

  13. David on


    You should take a Look at Schillerburger in Kreuzberg. In my opinion the most delicious burger in town. Good food meets German culture. Period!

  14. Juliane on


    I honestly recommend the Lula in Friedenau. Everything homemade & very delicious.

  15. Stephan on


    Berlin Burger International in Neukölln is – hands down – the best burger that I ever tasted. Especially the BBQ Burger and the seasonal burgers are gorgeous.
    I tried Schillerburger, Burgeramt and Burgermeister. They are good but they don’t come close to BBI.

    … and spare me fucking The Bird. This place is so highly overrated. Their english muffin burgers are a joke!

    1. haste recht on

      Ich bin deiner meinung mit the birth.
      Dann musst du auch mal room 77 in der gräfestrasse77 ausprobieren.hmmmmm leggaaaaa.oder yelb in der schönhauser allee.

  16. Mariusz on


    My favorites:
    – Hamburger Heaven (make sure to ask for medium, they started to do it well done recently by default because apparently Germans hate when their burger is red inside) — Neukölln.
    – Bunsmobile.

  17. skp on


    The Bird is best, I don’t see any other with the same quality in meat which is the most important part of a burger.

    Rundstück in Neuköln is following imo.

  18. Ralf on


    did anybody eat a burger @spreegold? The burgers are great and the restaurant looks realy nice … but, the bird is ok. too.

  19. Jacqui on


    Yellow in Schonhauser Alle has the best burgers, by a mile. My personal favourite is the ‘Weltburger’, which includes three different cheeses. The chips are delicious too :)

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