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Alissa Ugolini - Schwarze Traube Berlin Neukölln bar

Drink in Berlin: Schwarze Traube

I like secrets; but keeping them has never been a strong suit of mine. I like local hangs and hidden gems and I ooze with excitement whenever I discover something new. In my quest to explore my Kreuzberg neighbourhood, I stumbled upon an amazing bar: Schwarze Traube. Which turns out to be run by the best bartender of Germany, Atalay Aktas.

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A portrait of Brian in disco, looking over his shoulder

Discover This: Land in Sicht

Welcome to Germany, foreigner! We like to call you “Ausländer”, because we find it very important to stress that you are from a country that is not ours. Our politicians create words like „Armutszuwanderung“ (poverty migration) to underline that you might be poor and needy, expecting Germany to help you. If you’re from Bulgaria or Romania, we mock your migration with expressions like „Sozialtourismus“ (social tourism) to make the nation aware that you only come here to profit from our social system. If your skin is black, we will ask you where you are really from, no matter if you were born here or if you are a war refugee. And, oh yeah, black man, be prepared for a large scale police operation on the subway if they find you without a ticket. You might be late for your meeting with the Senate.

Looking for: Berlin’s Best Burger

After finding Berlin’s Best Bread past December, ideas were spinning in our heads how to continue Berlin’s Best. Naturally, we’re taking up a bigger than life challenge and will attempt to find Berlin’s Best Burger this year. And by saying “we”, I actually mean you. Instead of assembling a high-class foodie jury to judge on the softness of buns or crispness of patties, I hand over the decision to a public vote. Which means you can be a judge in this.

Fashion in Berlin: Vladimir Karaleev Winter 2014

Fashion Week is long over, but the pieces of Vladimir Karaleev’s new collection still spin in my head and I get a little scared thinking of the length of my want-list… Yet again, he managed to give me goosebumps and made my heart beat faster while the models presented the clothing to the sound of an instrumental Lorde piece. I’m not sure how, but he managed to make the most rusty fabrics look elegant, to give loosely drapes and open seams a finesse. And then when he does sexy, so subtle yet so intriguing – like the final dress, a black velvet number with a front view as unobtrusive, as the surprisingly exciting open back.  I’m a fan, always have been, always will. Best thing by the way, you can buy Vladi’s clothes online in his webshop.

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