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Food from Berlin: Wild.Kräuter

Berlin’s spring is having kind of a jump start this year, and while the fresh green springs in parks and on lawns, some might feel the urge to fuel themselves with fresh foods of the same color. Sadly, Berlin is still lacking in decent green smoothie and cold-pressed juices vendors, but don’t be afraid – your spring detox is saved with the fabulous delivery service of Wild.Kräuter.

And if you can’t wait to try, we’re giving away four one-day detox packages in this post!

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Cake in Berlin: Konditorei Buchwald

Berlin might be ever changing, but some spots are here to stay: Konditorei Buchwald has been baking its well-known specialty, Baumkuchen, since 1852—not only for Berliners, but lovers of all things sweet worldwide, seeing as they regularly ship these cakes to Japan and the US. Shaped like circles or parentheses, the staff refers to their Baumkuchen as a pyramid cake. The dough is rolled onto a spit of sorts that slowly turns over an open flame, creating fine layers upon layers baked in turn and forming a beautiful tree-ring texture that’s sealed with apricot marmalade.

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Coffee in Berlin: Bonanza Coffee Heroes

A few years ago I stumbled on the quote “Coffee is the best thing to douse the sunrise with” on one of those dorky inspiration pages on the internet. As cheesy as it sounds, it has stuck with me, since, as a caffeine devotee, there really is no feeling that compares to that first sip of coffee to pass through my lips first thing in the morning. Without it, I simply cannot function. Thankfully, my fix is within arm’s reach as I pass Bonanza Coffee Heroes on my way to work every day.

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Berlin’s Best Burger: Round #2

Those hella long lines! The lack of *real* hip hop! The fact that some burgers weren’t even f^%&in patty shaped! There’s nothing like a burger to get Berliners up in arms, it seems, as there were a lot of you who voiced their concerns about our first round of voting for Berlin’s Best Burger at last month’s Burgers & Hip Hop event. So for Burgers & Hip Hop #3, this Saturday, March 1st, we’re doing things a little differently:

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Cake in Berlin: No Fire No Glory

You already know that No Fire No Glory is one of our favorite coffee makers in Berlin – now you can add cake to the list of things that are great about this place. Since about last December, Laura, the creator of Tausendsuend, takes care of their sweets departments with such delicious things like chocolate syrup cakes, banana bread and these lovely almond tartelettes with either raspberry, currants or honey melon with thyme. Surprised by the latter? Don’t be, Laura does other amazing things like a cake with vodka and tonka bean buttercream wrapped in dark belgian chocolate with raw cocoa nibs, topped with blackberries and salted caramel. Yes, she does.

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