Berlin’s Best Burger: Round #2

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Those hella long lines! The lack of *real* hip hop! The fact that some burgers weren’t even f^%&in patty shaped! There’s nothing like a burger to get Berliners up in arms, it seems, as there were a lot of you who voiced their concerns about our first round of voting for Berlin’s Best Burger at last month’s Burgers & Hip Hop event. So for Burgers & Hip Hop #3, this Saturday, March 1st, things will be done a little differently:

Prince Charles will open its doors at 3pm, so families can also enjoy all of the many beefy pleasures provided by not only the familiar work of Brot + Zeit (whose ASAP PRETTY FLACKO won our last round) and M&G Rib Rolls, but also newcomers Parker Bowles, District Mot, Rebel Room, Hirsch & Eber, and Fräulein Kimchi. Entry will be a very hospitable €1 before 10pm, €8 after 10pm, when some of your favorite DJs will play absolutely zero techno at the bumpin’ burger afterparty. Those DJs are yet to be announced officially, but we can already confirm that they will include Palina Power, DJ DRush, and your very own James Falco (playing the small room from midnight to 2am, what what!).

And since we had one commenter actually quoting the Oxford Dictionary to us (“a flat round cake of minced beef that is fried or grilled and typically served in a bread roll; a hamburger”), that’s what this round of voting will focus on, five different actual hamburgers. Patties only this time.

How to cast your vote? Just come by, dig in, and fill out our voting sheets; you’ll find out who served up Berlin’s best burger right here on Monday, March 3rd.


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  1. NJD on


    I hope you mean you are playing until 2 AM? Because if it’s 2 PM…you’re gonna need a A LOT of burgers to keep you up! Props to you!

    1. Florian Duijsens on

      Good point, that would be a little bit more epic than we have the stomach for…

  2. Rs on


    Is re-entry possible? Would be nice to get a burger early and go back for the party later.

    Any chance Hotzenplotz is part of the event this time?

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      of course, you’ll get a stamp :-)

  3. Femme Noble on


    ich bin zufällig auf Deinem Blog gelandet. Jetzt habe ich so sehr hunger auf genau soooo einen Burger – bin aber leider gerade nicht in Berlin. Wenn ich meine Lieblingsstadt wieder besuche werde ich aufjedenfall bei Euch vorbeischauen ♥
    Es würde mich freuen wenn Du auch mal auf meinem Blog vorbeischaust:
    Liebe Grüße

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