Breakfast in Berlin: Aunt Benny

Berlin, Berlin coffee, breakfast in Berlin, Aunt Benny, bagels

When I moved to Berlin, I hoped to find the perfect brownie – like the ones I used to have and love at Baked & Wired in Washington, DC, where I spent the summer of 2012 – with a crunchy crust that’s never too dry and a still slightly soft inside full of chocolate flavor. I’m happy to report that my search came to an end when I found Aunt Benny, a rare gem in Friedrichshain and certainly one of the best places there to start the day off right.
Berlin, Berlin coffee, breakfast in Berlin, Aunt Benny
The café is run by two Canadians and a neighborhood favorite since its opening in 2001. (And one out of a small handful of pearls Stil in Berlin has found on its exploratory treks to Friedrichshain, others being Silo and Goodies.) Make sure you come early to get a seat or spend your time waiting for a free table walking around the tree-lined Traveplatz. Furthermore, it’s one of the few cafés in Berlin with a community table where you can engage with other coffee and treats lovers. The interior is simple yet compelling – natural wood grains meet white tiles and dark-green plants, and the slight lack of light only adds to its cosiness. The minimalistic Scandinavian design puts the focus on the blackboard behind the counter where the menu is written out in all its deliciousness.
Berlin, Berlin coffee, breakfast in Berlin, Aunt Benny, bagels
While my craving for chocolate was what led me to this café in the first place, what keeps me coming back is the breakfast: toasted bagels and sandwiches with homemade cream cheeses from sun-dried tomato to jalapeño and salmon, all of which go very well with one of their many smoothies for a (ful)filling breakfast. Needless to say, the coffee is very good as well.
Berlin, Berlin coffee, breakfast in Berlin, Aunt Benny, cookies
If you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely try the blueberry scones, cookies and cakes (especially the carrot cake), and Aunt Benny also offers gluten-free and vegan choices. All baked goods are available to order and take home as well!

Aunt Benny

Aunt Benny

Oderstraße 7

10247 Berlin Friedrichshain

Frankfurter Allee

Opening Hours:

Tue–Fri 08:30–19:00,
Sat–Sun 09:00–19:00


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  1. Helena on


    This is my all time favourite! Everything is home made and they serve Five Elephant coffee beans. A big plus for house made gravlachs and delicious daily salads!

  2. Henning on


    Aunt Benny really is a great place, and they just opened a little bar next door a couple of months ago. Just one additional note: Aunt Benny was opened just a couple of years ago (2011, I think), not 2001…

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      It maybe wasn’t 2001, but it is certainly older than 2011, I think it must’ve been 2006 or even 2005 that I first went there..

  3. Katja on


    they opened in 2009. I used to live next to it

  4. Rocco on


    Aunt Benny used to be my favourite place for breakfast. I used to go there every day until they changed coffee and I’m not going there no more. I mean why?..The old coffee was just perfect. Anyway, still a good place to hang..

  5. LS on


    Nice place but preferred the Kings & Queens coffee they used to serve before the switch to Five Elephant

  6. Ingrid on


    The fact that you just referenced Baked and Wired made my day. I am an American that went to Georgetown University but am now living in the Berlin area and a Baked and Wired fanatic!

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