Cake in Berlin: No Fire No Glory

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You already know that No Fire No Glory is one of our favorite coffee makers in Berlin – now you can add cake to the list of things that are great about this place. Since about last December, Laura, the creator of Tausendsuend, takes care of their sweets departments with such delicious things like chocolate syrup cakes, banana bread and these lovely almond tartelettes with either raspberry, currants or honey melon with thyme. Surprised by the latter? Don’t be, Laura does other amazing things like a cake with vodka and tonka bean buttercream wrapped in dark belgian chocolate with raw cocoa nibs, topped with blackberries and salted caramel. Yes, she does.

No Fire, No Glory

No Fire, No Glory

Rykestraße 45

10405 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Senefelder Platz

Opening Hours:

Sun–Fri 09:00–18:00
Sat 09:00–20:00


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  1. Mary on


    This looks like heaven.

  2. Brittany on


    That looks divine!

  3. Ralf on


    Dear Mary,

    our opening hours have changed. It’s Mon-Sun 9-5

    Thanks heaps!


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