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I wouldn’t say I am a Spa-person. Neither do I like sauna nor hanging around in thermal water (unless it’s architecturally framed by Zumthor). But I love massages and a little me-time with a scrub or a facial, which is something we all probably indulge ourselves in way too rarely. If you, however, come to the point where you would like to splurge a little by spoiling yourself, I suggest you consider Adlon Spa by Resense.

Merlot grape scrub, Berlin, Berlin escape, Adlon spa, Adlon Berlin, wellness in Berlin
The Merlot grape scrub soon to be used.

The name Adlon itself stands for quality, the well-known luxury hotel located at the best spot at Brandenburger Tor has been first opened in 1907, then burned down in 1945, and is owing its current glory to a reconstruction in the 90s, opening its doors again in 1997. While the hotel itself is celebrating turn-of-the-century chic combined with contemporary luxury, the Spa is a minimalist design and comfort experience.

Berlin, Berlin escape, Adlon spa, Adlon Berlin, wellness in Berlin

I am greeted with a huge smile and bright eyes by my first beautician, and led downstairs to the private treatment rooms. I’ve chosen to enjoy a Merlot grape body exfoliation by Daniele de Winter and a body massage. Both are conducted in one of the pretty rooms with enclosed shower, bath tub and toilet – full privacy guaranteed. As private as the facilities is the staff, not once will they make you feel uncomfortable, nor will you ever have to lay bare in front of them – a towel is used masterly to keep you unseen.

While I enjoyed the exfoliation, getting all those winter traces scrubbed off and at the same time smelling like a sweet wine treat, the massage really blew my mind. I’ve had massages before, but not once I was lucky enough to experience something as individual and relaxing as this.

Berlin, Berlin escape, Adlon spa, Adlon Berlin, wellness in Berlin

You might know what I mean, when massaged one often feels like treated with a standard program. Yet here at Adlon Spa, I felt like this massage was tailored to my needs. Not only did the masseuse ask me before what points she should work on, but during the process she treated those tensions individually. Working her fingers through the muscles, there was no scheduled routine, no symmetry, no program she was eager to finish. I left very happy, and relaxed.

Adlon Spa offers loads more than “just” facials and massages, there’s a Watsu pool for water Shiatsu, acupressure, manicure and pedicure as well as hair styling and make-up. And then there’s yoga with master Vijay – you can find the full program here.

Adlon Spa

Adlon Spa

Behrenstraße 72

10117 Berlin Mitte

Unter den Linden

Opening Hours:

Tue–Sat 10:00–21:00
Sun–Mon 10:00–20:00


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