Art in Berlin: Re-Discovery I at Autocenter

Berlin, Berlin art, Autocenter, Re-discovery, galleries in Berlin

Autocenter just started a new series of small exhibitions called Re-Discovery where they’ll combine the work of a young artist with the work of someone senior. The first installment was curated by Francesca Gavin and confronts Sture Johannesson’s graphics with Laura Buckley’s video installation.

Berlin, Berlin art, Autocenter, Re-discovery, galleries in Berlin, Johannesson
Johannesson’s graphic works.

Johannesson, born in 1935, is a Swedish artist who is especially known for his psychedelic posters including political messages, but he was also one of the first Swedish artists to use computers to promote digital art back in the 1970s. This is where he meets Laura Buckley, a London based artist born in 1977, who creates mixed media installations using digital videos.

Berlin, Berlin art, Autocenter, Re-discovery, galleries in Berlin, Laura Buckley
Buckley’s installation

I must admit I wasn’t too convinced of the pairing, too little they seemed to communicate. But I am already a big fan of the concept of the series and can’t wait to see what comes next.

Autocenter is one of the most interesting independent and non-commercial contemporary art spaces in Berlin (existing over 13 years already), if you care to support this endeavor, don’t miss their auction this upcoming Saturday at 4pm, where works by Jorine Voigt, Lothar Hempel, Norbert Bisky, Heidi Specker, Timur Si-Qin and many more will be auctioned to secure the upkeep of Autocenter. You can see all the works and also bid online here.



Leipziger Strasse 56

10117 Berlin Mitte


Opening Hours:

Thu–Sat, 16:00 – 19:00


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