Korean in Berlin: Ban Ban Kitchen

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'Nori Tacos' with caramelized soy meat (4,90 Euros)

What I love most about the Berlin food scene is that it lets you travel the world just by wandering the streets and stopping here and there for something to eat — whether that means digging into a French breakfast, cherishing an American cheesecake with your coffee, or slurping up a bowl of ramen.

Actual world travel can be just as inspiring: On a trip to Korea, the Berlin-born Korean-Vietnamese team behind Ban Ban Kitchen had the genius idea to start serving Korean soulfood. In their tiny shop in the U-Bahn-forsaken south of Neukölln they now serve a kind of fusion food that is anything but fussy, combining the best of two international (street) cuisines — read: kimchi pommes or bulgogi burgers.

Berlin, Berlin food, food in Neukölln, Ban Ban Kitchen, Korean food in Berlin, bulgogi Burger, Ban Ban Burger,  Korean Soulfood
‘Ban Ban Burger’ with bulgogi beef (4,90 Euros) and ‘Magic mandu’ fried dumplings (3 Euros)

We decided on the latter with some fried dumplings on the side. Their crispiness proved the perfect companion to the juicy burger made with kimchi and marinated Korean beef. There was more to marvel at on the menu, though, with bibimbap in a box and the so-called ‘Nori Tacos’ (using Korean seaweed as taco shells) especially catching our attention.

To make matters simple, the enticing menu is divided into three different categories (ninja chicken, soy superstar, bulgogi beef); so vegetarian or vegan customers can enjoy the same dishes and flavors, just with caramelized soy meat that’s been marinated in ginger.

Berlin, Berlin food, food in Neukölln, Ban Ban Kitchen, Korean food in Berlin, bulgogi Burger, Ban Ban Burger,  Korean Soulfood

Though our obsession with Korean food has a long tradition on this blog, it seems that most of the Berlin places serving anything from kimchi to bibimbap are located either around Mitte, Kantstraße, or Kreuzberg. With their creative take on traditional Korean food, Ban Ban Kitchen is a tasty addition to the area around what might be one of the busiest streets in Neukölln. Amidst all the Turkish eateries, Ban Ban offers combines its comforting flavors so wonderfully well that we will definitely be back for their latest creation: a Berlin-style döner topped with daeji bulgogi (spicy pork) instead of tired mystery meat.

And with warmer days around the corner, we suggest to just get it to go, Tempelhofer Feld is a short saunter away!

Ban Ban Kitchen

Ban Ban Kitchen

Schillerpromenade 32

12049 Berlin Neukölln


Opening Hours:

Mon- Tue 17:00-22:00
Wed - closed
Thu-Sun 13:00-22:00


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  1. Sherlait on


    Berlin is a good city for inter-cultural culinary blends.
    Had a vegan korean doner at Ban Ban Kitchen last week, was pretty awesome!
    Doner bread, marinated soy meat, pickled cabbage and a touch of fresh mint. Life is good!

    1. joebentley on

      I think of normal people looking at the net.
      Its a funny as southpark.
      City wok exclusive city food in the city park of town.

  2. plell on


    lol how is hermannstrasse “u-bahn forsaken”? the u7 is like 3 minutes away from ban-ban…

  3. joebentley on


    Around here the Chicken place is epic.
    Asian food is East Berlin.
    That really is the city part of town).

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