Links in Berlin: All hail!

After the hail.

We saw a quite impressive amount of hail going down this week, which might have been exactly what Florian meant when he told me that Berlin’s gonna pay for all those very beautiful but very early spring days we enjoyed this March. Anyhow, April is upon us and until now there’s no weather app telling us glory is vanishing (19 degrees tmrw, again!). Before you go out and frolic, here are the best links of the week:

Ai Wei Wei is or rather might be coming to town next week for the opening of his huge exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau on Wednesday. That is, if he gets a passport – his bags are packed, though! Check Monopol’s blog for real-time coverage of whether-or-not. (German only.)

The past week saw an important yet hopelessly underrated art-event, the election of the Rat für die Künste. Don’t worry, I never heard of it before either. It’s an independent committee serving as a mediator between politics and arts, its members are elected every two years. Blitzkunst went to vote, came back disappointed and wrote an appropriate rant about it.  (German only.)

In more uplifting news, Berlin got a new foodie blog called At The Table, and it starts with an interview with Daniel Achilles, chef at belauded Reinstoff restaurant.

Oh and since March is almost over, almost over is The Bar Market, this glorious and glamorous assembly of alcohol-lovers at the final weekend of Senatsreservenspeicher. Go, I say, go and drink! (Today and tomorrow, starting at 6pm)

The city of Berlin bought back the premises of Spreepark, and when reading the summary of events at Abandoned Berlin, it doesn’t look like they’re keeping the dinosaurs…


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  1. Rena on


    Ich bin auch gespannt, ob letztendlich doch noch die Quittung für dieses unglaublich tolle Wetter kommt :)

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