Links in Berlin: Spring Fever

Spring is the time to let old habits go and establish new traditions. The Berlin blogging scene is flourishing like the cherry trees at Landwehrkanal and it would be a shame to not applaud their work. Which is exactly what we will do in a new weekly feature presenting the finest blogged content from the past week. Enjoy:

– There’s no way to avoid the hyped talk about Neukölln’s Schillerkiez, and while places like Schiller Burger rightly live up to their praise, Finding Berlin is afraid the crew behind the Schiller empire (including not only three places for burgers, but a bakery and a bar) might have tried a little too hard with their new restaurant Wilhelm Tell – the bloggers thought the offered food was rather underwhelming and overpriced. In case you’ve been and have an opinion, let us know!

– There’s a retrospective of the glorious and long-time underrated artist Dorothy Iannone currently on view at Berlinische Galerie – and we haven’t seen it yet! But Bpigs has and will give you all the reasons to go there in this review.

– Best Wishes From Berlin talked to Susann and Yannic, the makers of Krautkopf, a cooking blog with an exquisite name and even more exquisite photography – and on top of that vegetarian! (But only in German, though.)

– (For the German readers): Nimmersatt ist ein kleiner, süßer Blog über vegetarisches Essen, den ich schon ewig verfolge. Überhaupt nicht auf der Uhr hatte ich bisher dagegen karibische Küche. Vielleicht ändert sich das, wenn ich Julias Empfehlung für Madinia – Délice Créole folge. (Überhaupt, Friedrichshain!)

– And again, Friedrichshain (is that forgotten Kiez becoming a thing now/again?) – James and Zoë of Uberlin tasted the US-brunch menu at Dirty South with poached eggs and breakfast burritos and called it “epic”.

– This humble blog in front of you might have left the battlefield of street style years ago (you can still roam the archives of Berlin’s sartorial choices between 2006 and 2012), only for that mission to be taken over by masters like Soren Jepsen, who just gave his “The Locals” a neat little make-over. If you scroll down to the end of the page, you’ll find his 12hrs guides to all cities too cool to be true.

– As our favorite English-language German book-blogger Katy Derbyshire already announced over a month ago, tomorrow (March 22) is Indiebookday! Celebrate by dropping into an independent bookstore (like this or maybe this one) and buying a book from an independent publisher (maybe one of those gorgeous little Readux books?). Spread the word through social media using the #indiebookday hashtag and see beautiful books pop up all over town like so many bright yellow daffodils. Happy spring!


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  1. liz on


    As a native Southerner, I immediately tried Dirty South but I have to be honest – the food was just *okay*.

    Also – PBR should never cost more than 2 (dollars/euros).

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