Burgers & Hip Hop: Round #3

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District Mot's De la Sauce, winner of Berlin's Best Burger #2

You thought we were over it, haven’t you? Actually, we aren’t. It’s time for the next round! Burgers & Hip Hop is coming up this Saturday at Prince Charles and we’re having another important yet tasty Berlin’s Best Burger voting. Come by and enjoy the deliciousness of grill masters like Mr SUSAN, j.kinski, Maria Maria, YAK CHEF and Transformer – never heard of any of them? We neither, which is why we’re even more excited!

Of course, the winner of round #2, District Mot’s De La Sauce, will be making a special appearance to be re-enjoyed by y’all. And maybe take another win home…? Also attending are the two ice-cream sandwich specialists of Zwei Dicke Bären.
Same procedure as last time, the grills are hot from 3pm and accompanied by some afternoon beats. Burgers usually last until around 10pm, until then entry price is as low as one Euro (no re-entry after 10pm, that is, so you better stay to shake your booty). After 10pm the real DJ-stuff is starting to rule the after-burger-party and entry is 8 Euros.

Oh, and don’t forget to VOTE! Come by, dig in, and fill out our voting sheets; you’ll find out who served up Berlin’s best burger #3 right here on Monday, May 5th.

As an add-on, like last time, we’re having a Stil in Berlin tasting of ALL burgers and are looking for 4 additional eaters. Think you’ve got what it takes to judge a patty? Let us know why in the comments below and we might ask you to join us!


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  1. V. on


    Hehe, weil ich Berlins Burgerexperte bin!

    Ob in Tokyo, Seoul oder Berlin, ich bin immer dort, wo’s die besten Burger der Stadt gibt. Meine Best Berlin Burgers-Auswahl findet man unter meinem foursquare-Account (https://de.foursquare.com/1_2_21/list/best-berlin-burger), weitere Reviews auf meinem Blog unter dem Tag ‘food’. Also wenn jemand Pattys zu beurteilen weiß, dann ich :)

  2. KT on


    Because my love of burgers AND hip-hop knows no bounds… and I tipped the winner at the last two rounds right.

  3. Sasa on


    I wanna be an official burger taster cause i need a lot of good beef to maintain my big BOOTY! <3

    1. Florian on

      And here is the latest creation – the Beelitzer:

  4. Dennis FKO on



  5. Maria Mareiha on


    Because i had every single Burger at Burgers & Hip Hop #1 & #2.

    1. Maria Mareiha on

      Oh, and at Burger & Hip Hop #3, too.

  6. Dima on


    Pick me with Zane Johansone. Maximum objectivity and professionalism while eating guaranteed.

  7. Darius on


    Rosed are red
    Violets are blue
    The Bird needs some competition
    And that is you!

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Poems are hard
    Hip Hop is the new Techno!

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If you are a blogger you’re likely a fool
    But not Stil in Berlin, you guys are pretty kewl.

  8. Martin on


    I’m on a bulk

  9. Annika Stock on


    i wasnt able to eat burgers for the last 3 months! pikmi =)

  10. nick on


    I´m super broke tho. can´t effort good food … but i wanna keep my belly.

  11. steph on


    …,because I am Ms taste buds 2014
    Besides having a good sense for flavors and dishes I have knowledge in the international variation of burgers!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      Who’s M?

  12. bianca on


    Cause i’m haaaaaapyyyy and i nearly tasted every burger in the city … i have my special one… but it’s time for a change… Guten Appetit!

    1. Mary Scherpe on

      I want to know your favorite!

    2. bianca on

      at the mom.. rembrandt burger in friedrichshain

  13. Uri on


    I’m a professional chef and very picky about my food, especially street food. I’ve traveled through every country in Europe, had burgers in 34 states and twice in Canada and have probably too much to say about everything I’ve ever eaten.

  14. T. on


    weil ich letztes Mal innerhalb von 1 Stunde 2 Burger probiert, und dann nur aufgehört hab, weil ich nicht mehr Bargeld mithatte. weil ich bereit bin, danach auf die Tanzfläche zu rollen, wenn’s nicht anders geht. weil ich zwar kein Pro bin, aber mein Herz höher schlägt, wenn ich das Wort “Burger” höre. because I want them all!

  15. KC on


    I’m pregnant, so burger tasting has become my #1 hobby. Baby and I are really good at it ;) Plus, I have lots of extra room to try many at once!

  16. Dave Mancini on


    I am a strict Burger Judge, but with good reason…

    My stepfather Engelbert was a strict man, but a decent man. He taught me how to fry an egg, avoid windy spots on the street, and would punish me if I left a single sesame seed on my dinner plate. Punishments would usually include listening to strange gospel records, which unpleasant but okay. Afterward he would explain the importance of appreciation and it is this which led me to appreciate great food – I’ve been on a burger quest for years. Where is the best burger I’ve ever had? San Francisco? Texas? North Carolina? I cannot say…but I’ve had my fair share of them and I’m hungry for more…

    1. Maria Mareiha on


  17. Julia on


    Cause I’m always hungry. And will be forever!

  18. Magali on


    Also, natürlich bin ich eine grosse Burgersüchtige, sonst würde ich am Samstag gar nicht hingehen (wobei guter Hiphop wäre eigentlich allein Grund genug…). Und ich liebe es neue Burgers zu entdecken, mittlerweile finden man ja welche an jeder Ecke der Stadt und der Welt, aber leider sind viele mittelmässig. Von daher würde ich mich riesig freuen, wenn ich die Chance hätte, neue leckere Burgers zu entdecken! Ach ja, und ich bin schwanger, das heisst, ihr hättet gleich zwei Testpersonen für den Preis von einer!!!

  19. Nina on


    I would gladly try all of your burgers to judge which is the most delicious as I know what taste is all about. I am coincidentally very delicious myself.
    See you

  20. Stephie on


    I’m the biggest burgerfan in the world, I could eat burgers for Breakfast, lunch and supper, tasting burgers is one of the things I enjoy most! Its like my stomack and burgers are bff’s! I need them as they need me omnomnom!

  21. NW on


    B ecause
    U need
    R eal
    G irls
    E valuate
    R idiculously
    L egendary
    O rgasmlike
    V ibrating
    E … Burgers

  22. Stefan the Burgerhoff on


    Please..Choose me. Dont mess with th hoff ;)

  23. Silvana blijleven on


    Jaaa! One of is want it :) we Are for friends from Holland and are in berlin this week. We gonna join this burger & hiphop party! My boyfriend is that skinny, that he can eat a lot of burgers :) see u there! Silvana.

  24. Joanna on


    When it comes to burger i have to commit that im a late starter.
    I grew up with organic food and no fast food and ate my first burger at Mc Donalds with 16. It was horrible and i decided to stay with good and healthy food and withiztr burger.
    THEN i came to berlin and everything changed. I learned that burger can be healthy and tasty. Burgermeister, Burgeramt, Schillerburger, the Bird, BBI and of course Burgers and Hip Hop showed me that Burger can be diverse and novel in taste.

  25. Oscar Valentine on


    Hello beautiful peoples,
    I am a Swedish American who grew up in NY and have lived in Berlin for over 7 years.
    Growing up on NY diner burgers, I was hurt by the lack of Burger options in Berlin, now seeing the street scene progress at such a violent pace makes me to be honest a bit horny. What intrigues me about your nights is the very wide spectrum of influences on the perfect medium of Burger. I have worked in that same range of restaurants such at famous steakhouses such as Peter Luger, NY, Eastside Grille, Northampton, MA, Japanese powerhouse Sushi1, NY and even a quick stint at White Trash, Berlin. I have seen the Burger pushed to excess working in P Diddy’s house in the Hamptons or what a natural burger can taste like cooked by a Michelin Star chef at Donna Karen’s.
    I have been to two of the B & H.H. nights so far, the first event, (no the kimchi was not too spicy), the last one, (yes it is appropriate to have wild game in a burger and on the dance floor) and I am ready for more.
    Either way you want to look at it, I am your man to know what a burger should taste like and open to find out what a burger can taste like… and I will run you on the courts or in a freestyle battle, so Holla Back Young’Ns, hoo hooo! Brooklyn!

  26. Rodrigo Gliese on


    Make it medium rare, I’ll take your spiciest sauce, bitte!
    It can be Veggie, it can be made of Wild Boar or any kind of meat, if it’s between two buns, I’ll eat it with extreme gusto.

    I eat burgers wherever I go, and if I go to this event, judging or not, I’ll never know which to choose first. How can something so simple be so delicious?

    See you on the event!

  27. Julia on


    ..because the master of M&G’s RibRolls, who also took part at Burgers & Hip Hop last time, already calls me their patron and invited me to the first tasting of their new burger! I think I’m really into BURGERS.

  28. Giuly on


    You have to choose me because every one knows that italians and french are not the best hamburger’s chefs in the world. but they are for sure the best taster and ,casually, I’m half italian and half french!

  29. Artemis on


    i hate burgers…love Hip-Hop! :)

  30. Nyer on


    can we discuss Berlin burger patties for a sec?.. many of the ones claiming organic or not.. have a sausage flavor almost slighting lamby or something i can’t pin point it.. its true for most burgers in berlin i’ve tried .. BBI, schiller, hasir, meat beat, Burger heaven… it only seems to be absent in Burger Meister, and the Bird .. Im a Shake Shack man myself .. i prefer a thinner patty.. one of my favorites in NY is from Commodore in Williamsburg.. I detect queso in there (am I wrong?).. which is strange but somehow works shockingly well.. I’ve been slipping Kinchee in my own Burgers from my earliest memory.. as I am from korean background.. it’s perfect match.. a pickled red onion should not be ignored either.. what was i talking about?…

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